Top 5 Best Cake Toppers [Updated 2021]

In this post we list the best cake toppers you can buy. The lush flowers and sugar details are always pretty cake toppers; don’t be afraid to get creative with the wedding tradition. It might seem like a simple everyday object, but it be can turn into a beautiful detail that truly transforms your cake. As your guests eat with their eyes first, they will judge it and rate it by their judgment.

So it’s time to seriously consider a unique cake topper if you want your friends and family to be excited to dig into a slice of your wedding cake. The days are long gone of bride and groom goes to a confectionery and pick a ready made cake from tiered confection. Contemporary couples are choosing fresh, modern, and playful decorations to sit on that top tier of their wedding cake. A vintage teacup brimming with fresh flowers or gilded branches for an unexpected yet beautiful detail on your wedding cake you will love it.

Looking for something even more personalized? A dinosaur figurine painted on glitzy gold or a mini door with your new married name. You will also love a state cutout with your and your groom’s initials are all fun and original options for your wedding cake. You can try a laser-cut sign with your name if you prefer a modern take on something more classic.

A whimsical figurine topper just like our new favorite features a bride and groom playing the guitar! Or a simple phrase of your favorite romantic quotes like “Happily Ever After” or “Mr. and Mrs. Getting married for the rest of the life” in a glam metallic shade. These cake toppers can make your cake more attractive and worth remembering. You will get married for once in the lifetime. We wish you can hold your high school sweetheart’s hand till the last breath. So we take the liberty to pick some best cake toppers for your wedding. Let’s have a look!

Best Cake Toppers Reviews

01. Willow Tree Promise Cake Topping.

​If you’re looking for a romantic cake topping for your wedding cake, this promise cake topping is romantic, commemorative keepsake anniversaries or weddings. It also suitable for any celebratory event of enduring love.

  • Features at a Glance:
    • 6H hand-painted resin.
    • Carved flower base.
    • Lead-free paint and resin.
  • What we like:
    • Food safety ensured.
    • Original willow tree piece.
    • Stable cake topping.
  • What could be better:
    • This cake topping should have some more details.

02. Personalization Lab Mr. & Mrs. Custom Cake Topping.

​When you get married, you will want to remember the big special day in the upcoming future. This Mr. & Mrs. Custom cake topping will be a unique cake topping for your wedding cake.

  • Features at a Glance:
    • Custom cake topping.
    • Acrylic construction.
    • Laser cut.
  • What we like:
    • You can save this cake topping as a memento.
    •  Perfectly fit on your cake.
    • High-quality acrylic.
  • What could be better:
    • This cake topping could have a stable base to keep it in place perfectly.

03. Demdaco Willow Tree Cake Topper.

​This willow cake topper from Demdaco is a romantic cake topper for your wedding cake. Its elegant white will perfectly fit on your wedding. You can make everyone jealous with this hand carved cake topping.

  • Features at a Glance:
    •  Sentiment on the enclosure card.
    • Hand printed.
    • Curved flower base.
  • What we like:
    • Food safety ensured.
    •  Lead-free resin.
    • Curved flower for stability.
  • What could be better:
    • This cake topping doesn’t have waterproof print.

04. The Queen of Crowns Gold Crown Cake Topper.

​​If you’re a new mom or dad and you want to make your little angel like a queen than this cake topper from The Queen of Crown is perfect for you. Now you can make your celebration a little bit special with this cake topper.

  • Features at a Glance:
    • Metal construction.
    • Weight: 1.2 oz.
    • Size: 4×2.25×12.5 inches.
  • What we like:
    • Delicate and lightweight.
    • Reusable.
    • A unique gift.
  • What could be better:
    • This cake topper isn’t so suitable for a wedding cake.

05. PalkSky Gold Unicorn Cake Topper.

​If your little princess is fond of fairy tells, this gold unicorn cake topper is perfect for her. This cake topper with a unicorn horn, ears and flower set will be a surprise present to your little angel.

  • Features at a Glance:
    • Full unicorn decoration.
    • Ears, horn and flower set.
  • What we like:
    • Perfect birthday cake topper.
    • Ideal for an 8-10 inch cake.
  • What could be better:
    • This cake topper is suitable for a small cake.

How do we pick cake toppers?

Theme: A wedding planning is all about a theme. And a wedding cake is an important part of the wedding theme. So we picked the most suitable cake topper which is compatible with any type of wedding theme.

Food safety: The cake topper is mostly isn’t edible. So it should be made of some food grade material to keep your cake safe to eat. We picked the cake topper with food safety.

How do we test the best cake toppers?

​​Stability: You never want your cake topper to topple on the cake and ruin the decoration. So we test the stability of the cake topper and make sure that the cake topper will be in the same place without any movement.

Final Verdict:

In this best cake toppers review article, you can find some cake topper  for your wedding or birthday cake. We picked and tested each cake topper to make sure that you can find the best cake topper for your celebration.