Top 5 Best Sunjoy Gazebo (10×12) Reviews [Updated 2021]

Turn your sun-baked backyard into elegant sun shaded sanctuary with the best Sunjoy gazebo (10×12).

Warm weather is the ideal time to head outdoors. But the hot sun can send you running back inside home. In this situation nothing can be more spacious and comfortable like gazebo.

If you want a best gazebo for your backyard then Sunjoy gazebo 10×12 is for you. It will create a beautiful shady oasis for you. It is a perfect outdoor living space to spend some good time with family. It provides sheltered place outside and it is an ideal area for evening grills, hot tubs, and dining areas.

Sunjoy 10×12 gazebo is an awesome gazebo and large enough to shade whole family. Sunjoy is well known brand for its outstanding outdoor products. They always make durable and strong products that will last for years.

Sunjoy gazebo performs all quality tests before delivering the item. The replacement parts of Sunjoy gazebo are also available. This kind of gazebo will provide you a perfect space for friends and family to enjoy the fresh air outside. To do more fun with your family, we have also reviewed best combination game table reviews and buyers guide, you can check this out.

The best sunjoy 10×12 gazebo collection below will without any doubt make your outdoor look beautiful. Let’s have a look at some of the top Sunjoy 10×12 gazebo selections on the market.

Top 5 best Sunjoy gazebo (10×12) 

1. Sunjoy 10 x 12 Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo

First, on the list, we have very strong, beautiful and long-lasting 10×12 hardtop Chatham gazebo. If the price is not an obstacle and you want a Sunjoy gazebo that will last for years with low maintenance, then the Sunjoy 10 x 12 Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo is a perfect model for you.

As it is strong enough, the hard rooftop this gazebo can easily withstand high winds or thunderstorms. For the people who live in high winds areas, this strong and long lasting feature is really beneficial for them.

The powder coating this best gazebo prevents corrosion, rusting, and chipping. In addition, the presence of ceiling ventilation ensures that the flow of air under the space is adequate. As a result, it ultimately helps maintain a pleasant temperature by expelling hot air.

Let’s talk about their assembly, all the parts of Sunjoy 10 x 12 Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo are easy to assemble on their own. But if you want to do it quickly, you can ask your friends or family member for help. Proper packaging of all parts ensures that no parts are damaged during transport.

Furthermore, you can also nail the unit down in your backyard. This, in turn, gives extra strength and keeps the 10×12 gazebo stable. Besides that, the four support post consists of ‘L-shape’ brackets. These brackets are useful if you wish to install gazebo on deck.

Key Features:

  • 9.9 ft tall
  • Single wind vent
  • Hardtop steel roof
  • Weights 412 pounds
  • Powder-coating on all ports
  • Can withstand all seasons
  • All the parts come in a single box and properly packed
  • Easy to assemble the unit by yourself
  • Includes mosquito netting on all four sides
  • Expensive

In short: If you are looking for a durable 10×12 gazebo then this is the best choice. This gazebo will last for several years. Spending money in the right product is always best. If  you buy a cheap gazebos, you may have to change it every year. This Sunjoy 10 x 12 Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo model is the best in its class and value for money.

2. Sunjoy L-GZ798PST-E Regency II Gazebo with Mosquito Netting

Enjoying good quality time with loved ones in backyards is very special moment. If you love to spend most of the time outdoors, then this Sunjoy gazebo model is for you. This best gazebo of 2020 comes with mosquito netting. That means mosquito will not ruin you party anymore. This 10×12 gazebo with mosquito netting is exactly what you should get to save yourself from mosquito itchy bites.

If your areas receive a good amount of rainfall, then mosquito outbreak is common. And these tiny creatures can make it tough to spend time outdoors. Sunjoy L-GZ798PST-E Regency II Gazebo is the most purchased gazebo on Amazon. This sunjoy 10×12 canopy with mosquito netting is exactly what you need to save yourself from itchy bites.

You can easily host parties or small get-togethers under this Sunjoy L-GZ798PST-E Regency II Gazebo. This lovely mosquito netting shelter lets you host get-togethers, prepare grilled foods without any issue. The L-GZ798PST-E Regency II Gazebo helps you make a comfy outdoor area for hosting outdoor gatherings.

Using this sturdy Sunjoy 10×12 Gazebo is simple and effortless. Within a couple of minutes, you can set up the whole gazebo easily. With this beautiful and highly durable canopy you can relax and unwind in any weather conditions.

Most of the high quality gazebos are high-priced. However, this best rated gazebo is reasonably priced. You can easily fit any color furniture with it and it will also make the outdoors look more beautiful and attractive. Without spending much, you can easily purchase this handy gazebo for outdoor activities. This 10×12 gazebo by Sunjoy provides a 6-month warranty.

Key Features:

  • 100% polyester canopy
  • The total height of 8 feet 7 inch
  • Double wind vent
  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • Weights 95 pounds
  • Includes mosquito netting on all fours sides
  • Water and fire resistant canvas canopy
  • It includes plant rings, corner shelves and a center hook, to enhance the beauty of the unit
  • It hardly requires 30-35 minutes to put all parts together
  • Does not include privacy curtains
  • Lightweight of this gazebo cannot withstand extreme winds (hurricane)

In short: This is one of the best gazebo 10×12 with mosquito net and you can buy it on discount right now. It is very affordable and one of the cheap gazebo by sunjoy that you can get under $300.

3. Sunjoy 10′ x 12′ Monterey Gazebo with Netting,Gray with Black

Having a Sunjoy 10′ x 12′ Monterey Gazebo is a wonderful way to improve your backyard with style! This best gazebo has a magnificent backyard design and comes with plenty of sun shade protection.

This gazebo with nets is stable, durable, and also affordable. This canopy is made of sturdy steel and aluminum construction. It also has durable, anti-rust, powder coated finish.

You can gather, dine, relax, and enjoy conversation with your friends and family under this gazebo comfortably. You will get a built-in hook underneath the center of this gazebo where you can easily hang plants or outdoor lighting.

It is a stunning soft-top monterey gazebo with netting. On each of the corner panels, it features a graceful, curved metal pattern giving the entire unit a very upscale look.

It offers large space to comfortably set up full dining or seating beneath. This gazebo 10×12 has AIM system with innovative design. That means you can set it up in mere minutes. We suggest you take down the gazebo when the weather gets unfavorable.

This awesome looking sunjoy 10′ x 12′ gazebo will give you protection from harmful elements. It comes fully equipped and you will get everything you need. You will get 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranty for this 10′ x 12′ sunjoy gazebo.

Key Features:

  • Compiles four corner shelves
  • Parlay gazebo combines full-sided Mosquito netting
  • Sturdy and durable
  • The easy set up construction will have you set up within half an hour
  • One year warranty
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Can withstand all seasons
  • All the parts are properly packed and comes in a single box.
  • Easy to assemble by yourself
  • Includes mosquito net on all four sides
  • Little expensive than previous one.

In short: This best 10×12 gazebo withe mosquito net is also a good option for you. You can buy this canopy at only $352. It will also last for years.

4. Sunjoy 12′ x 10′ Sonoma Wicker Gazebo

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, then this 10×12 gazebo will amaze you with its amazing features. This sunjoy 10×12 gazebo has privacy curtain that will allow you to enjoy quality time in your backyard in solitude. Privacy curtains protect you from bright sunlight as the temperature inside the gazebo shade remains cool throughout the daytime.

It is an easy and affordable backyard gazebo with elegant and functional soft-top wicker. If you set up this Sunjoy gazebo, your backyard will be the hit of the neighborhood. Your friends and family will enjoy this large space to get together dine, relax, and converse.

This canopy has open-weave rattan design that makes it look more attractive. You can mix it with any brown color outdoor furniture. This gazebo offers strong construction and a powder-coated finish on the frames that will resist any rusting, fraying, and peeling.

The brown, wicker with its elegant medallions complements the tan color of the gazebo fabric. Plus, this wicker canopy offers plenty of room to give you style, flexibility, and function. Luxury like this best gazebo has never been more affordable.

You will get decorative keystone centerpiece, privacy curtains and full mosquito netting as well. You will get everything you need to build your own shaded oasis in your backyard.

Key Features

  • Dual curtain rods
  • 77.04 inches tall
  • Durable steel construction
  • 100% polyester material of canopy
  • Item weights 124.6 pounds
  • 2-tiered domed top
  • Low maintenance design
  • Includes privacy curtain, netting and ground stakes
  • Built-in hook underneath the center of canopy wherein you can hang light or fan
  • Not suitable to use during rainy season or snowfall

In short: It has got beautifully design with mosquito netting and private curtains. This gazebo can be a great  renovation investment for your backyard.

5. Sunjoy L-GZ215PST-5B 10 x 12 Hampton Gazebo with Mosquito Netting & Privacy Panels

This best Sunjoy 12×10 gazebo with net is a soft top canopy that comes with awesome feature like 4-sided mosquito netting, center light hook, ground stakes, double roof construction and 4 privacy curtain. If you live in a region that faces frequent mosquito outbreak and need some private space, this gazebo is for you.

Again, The ground stake will add more strength to the canopy. This feature will prevent the gazebo from getting collapsed due to a sudden breeze.

In order to make the interior cozier, it has hook to hang fan or light. This Sunjoy Hampton gazebo 10×12 has double roof construction that provides maximum airflow to ensure heat escapes from the shade. The canopy material has fire retardant coating to prevent fire accidents to a certain extent. You will also get powder coated steel frame that is rust resistant.

Its assembly needs a lot of patience. To put all the parts together, you might need 2-3 persons to help. Also, the assembly process is a little time-consuming.

But when you finish it, you will see a magnificent looking shade. All the replacement parts of this canopy are easily available. So, no need to worry just buy and enjoy your outdoor time with this Sunjoy 12×10 gazebo.

Key Features:

  • Double roof construction
  • 9’6” peak height
  • Rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame
  • Weather-resistant coating
  • Weights 130 pounds
  • Comes with mosquito netting and 4 privacy panels
  • Fire-retardant canopy coating
  • Includes ground stakes and center light hook
  • Grommets for water-relief
  • Difficult to put together all by yourself
  • Do not stretch canopy as it can cause small pin-type holes in it

In Short: You can have your own modern tent with the added privacy panel. It will also look gorgeous when you set it up.

Gazebo Buyer’s Guide

You are here because you expect to add a new gazebo to your patio, but you do not know where to start. To determine which styles, sizes and materials you want is essential to choose the right gazebo that suits you best. Here is the guide that will give you a superior understanding of what you should look for when choosing the best gazebo model for you:

Why Choose Sunjoy Gazebo?

Choosing the best gazebo is always difficult because you have to consider many features. Sunjoy is a big brand for gazebo and it is reliable and famous due to its high-quality gazebo. These are some of the features you will get in this Sunjoy gazebo brand

Material Quality:

With the Sunjoy brand, you don’t have to worry about quality. They pay special attention to quality when performing several tests before offering to the public. The frames on which the entire unit is based are made of sturdy steel or aluminum. The Sunjoy 10×12 Gazebo offers excellent performance for years because they always use high quality materials.


The gazebos are usually octagonal, so if you have a more traditional house style, you can choose to use the 8-sided gazebo. On the other hand, if you have a modern house, you can opt for the most contemporary and angular aspect that is found in a square or rectangular gazebo. There are also round and oval shapes that can be more effectively mixed with a bent walkway or a flowing garden.

Netting Feature:

Netting is certainly an vital factor when choosing a gazebo. It is important to keep small and deadly creatures out of the shade, especially during the rainy season. And sunjoy also offers mosquito nets and privacy curtains on most products. Even in our best 12 × 10 gazebo list, some products include netting. And the other products have the opportunity to include the same. So, in my opinion gazebo with net is the best option to choose.

Amazing Gazebo Design:

As you can see from the list of the best sunjoy 10 × 12 gazebo, sunjoy offers stunning and beautiful gazebo designs.

Whether rigid roof or soft roof, all you get is an amazing unit. In addition, some products have shelves in the corners to enhance the inner beauty of the shade. In the end, all you will get will be a lot of compliments from your guest due to the excellent Sunjoy gazebo.

Multiple Size Option:

Sunjoy gazebos are offered in many different sizes excluding gazebo 10×12. They also include sizes such as 10×10, 8×12, 8×10, 12×16 etc. Therefore, you can choose from a wide range of options. If you need something large enough to handle a dinner party swarm, you’ll definitely a bigger one. You also need to be sure that the size of the gazebo you want can fit easily in your backyard.


So you are going to add an attractive covering to your backyard? Perhaps, you want to protect your outdoor furniture from bad weather like sun, rain or strong wind. Regardless of the reason, a high-quality Sunjoy 10×12 gazebo will do the job. Pick up the right on from our list that best suits your needs.