5 Best Table Tennis Paddle [Updated 2021]

When you can’t go out to play the games that need an open ground to play, you can rely on indoor games. Indoor games help you to gain health goals without going out. Basically, in the cold countries, indoor games are the main source of entertainment.

Because of intense show fall for a long time, it will impossible to play an outdoor game. So indoor games will be the only thing you can rely on to sweat it down. Among the indoor games, ping pong is popular because of its fun type and basic health benefits.

Ping pong is full of fun. Ping pong is a form of indoor sports that played by two or four players. They try to hit a lightweight ball back and forth using small bats. The game takes place on a hard table divided by nets. We have also reviewed best combination game tables, you can out this awesome multi game tables.

The rules of the table tennis are mostly same as the rules of lawn tennis.Like most sports, the right equipment will make it a lot easier for once you get the basics. Today we’ll discuss the process of finding best table tennis paddle, based on your level and needs.

After you play a few rounds with a quality paddle, you definitely don’t want to go back the cheap ones that might have come in a set. Let’s start by taking a look at the best ping pong paddle for spin, an intermediate player. We also focused on the paddle with great spin and also for competition play.

There is just too much table tennis paddles to choose for yourself. But before you pick a paddle, you should look into some issues like the speed, spin, control etc. We take these things seriously and pick some best ping pong paddle for you.

​Best Table Tennis Paddles

01. STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket.

This table tennis racket made of high-performance carbon. The carbon layers are integrated into the blade to improve rigidity and response. This racket will provide you a high-speed for its ultralight rubber with microscopic air-capsule.

  • Features at a Glance:
    • ACS microscopic air capsule.
    • ITFF approved rubber for the tournament.
    • Integrated high-performance carbon.
  • What we like:
    • Performance level table tennis racket.
    • 7-ply extra light blade.
    • 2mm sponge.
  • What could be better:
    • This tennis racket should have flared handle.

02. Killerspin JET800 N1 Table Tennis Racket.

If you want to bring out the hidden table tennis competitor from you, this tennis can help you. It will provide you the power to compete with any opponent. This all-around racket will perform better than it looks!

  • Features at a Glance:
    • 7-ply and 2-layer carbon.
    • Nitrx 2mm rubber.
    • Control: 8, spin: 9, speed: 9.5 (out of 10)
  • What we like:
    • Dual carbon technology.
    • Wooden side tape.
    • Ergonomic handle.
  • What could be better:
    • This racket will a little short of control.

03. Killerspin Table Tennis Paddle.

This table tennis paddle from Killerspin is a perfect companion for you. It is built to give you the things that a player have in mind.

  • Features at a Glance:
    • Head dimension: 6×6 1/8
    • Speed: 6/8, control: 9, spin: 8.3
    • Thickness: 9/16
  • What we like:
    • 2 black 4Z Nitrx rubber.
    • 5-plywood.
    • Extra-light.
  • What could be better:
    • This racket will not suitable for the quick response.

04. STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket.

This table tennis racket from STIGA features a unique Shock Dispersion Tube. It a tube that is integrated into the handle and blade. It will absorb the vibration created from the contact of the ball.

  • Features at a Glance:
    • Unique Shock Dispersion Tube.
    • 2mm sponge.
    • 6-ply light blade.
  • What we like:
    • Lightweight blade.
    • Premium rubber.
    • Concave pro handle.
  • What could be better:
    • This table tennis racket is not for the beginners.

05. STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket.

​This is another exclusive piece from STIGA. This table tennis racket will provide you what you want from a tennis racket.

  • Features at a Glance:
    • Anatomic Italian rubber.
    • 2mm sponge.
    • Features STIGA ACS
  • What we like:
    • Superior speed and spin.
    • Future inverted rubber.
    • Extra light blade.
  • What could be better:
    • A bat case will add some extra convenient to the package.

How do we pick?

Spin, speed, and control:

These three fact is very important if we want to talk about the ping pong racket. For an example, a beginner will start with a pretty basic tennis racket. They will not be too fast or spinny, but they need something with more control.

So for a beginner, a table tennis racket with less speed or spin and superior control will be perfect. But as soon as you improve your techniques, you should improve your bat too.

For a small advancement, you should pick a bat with a little more speed and spin than your existing bat. It will help you to improve your performance and also help to adopt with the advanced bat.

​Don’t make a big leap and pick a super advanced bat. It will make it difficult for you to control the bat.


The material is a big fact for a table tennis racket. The material can make a racket lighter or heavier. It will greatly control the performance of the bat although the actual performance will depend on the player.

We picked the table tennis bat with smart material with some mind blowing features like “Shock Dispersion Tube” so that you can have a perfect table tennis racket for your next face-off!

How do we test the best table tennis paddle?

We test the overall performance of the bat to ensure the high-quality of the bat. The table tennis paddle we’ve been reviewed here is the cheap table tennis paddle so far.