29 Best Gag Gift Ideas

Know someone who loves to have a bit of a laugh? Why not bring some additional humor to their lives with our list of the best gag gifts you can buy. Our best memories are usually encircled around laughter and fun. Birthdays, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, there are all types of holidays in which to give gifts, but to be honest, you can give gifts to those you care about at any time.

Super Mario Heat Changing Coffee Mug

While we’re on the topic of retro games. Check out this nifty Gameboy heat changing coffee mug.

Pokémon Poke ball Mug

A great gift for a hardcore Pokémon fan. This unique gift idea is designed to the look and the shape of a poke ball.

Pac-man lamp

A cool geeky gift. Who doesn’t love Pac-man? Great for someone’s bedroom, home office or even gaming den.

Cute Animal Socks

These socks are made of 80% soft cotton. So, you know they will be extra soft.

Van Gogh Disappearing Ear Mug

This Van Gogh Mug has a picture of the classic Van Gogh self-portrait.

A mug with a hoop Novelty Mug

Get this tea gift set to make the perfect cup of brewed tea. Raise some laughs with your morning cuppa.

Double Sided Burrito Blanket

Keep warm with this double-sided giant burrito blanket. You can literally be wrapped up in the blanket like a soft warm burrito.

3″ Party Pack Emoji Stress Balls Stress Reliever

Stressful day at work? No problem. Just give one of these bad boys a squeeze.

Pistachio Bowl, Snack Serving Dish

If he’s messy with pistachios, this will help keep him organized. This snack dish is great for serving cherries, olives, peanuts etc…

Funny Taco Shirt – I’m Into Fitness, Fit’ness Taco in My Mouth

When it comes to buying a gift that will make someone happy. You need something that’s unique and meaningful.

Microfiber Slippers Floor Cleaning

Walking is mopping with these microfiber slippers. All he has to do is open his gift, step in the slippers, and get to stepping.

The Official BS Button

This giant BS button is perfect to make a statement in the office, or even around the house.

TriceraTaco – Dinosaur Taco Holder

Great for someone who love their Mexican food. This taco holder can hold up to 2 tacos. Dinosaur + tacos.

Mini Tabletop Pool Set

A small portable golf set that can sit on any desk or small area. Great for all ages, adults or kids.

Box of Nothing

You know the feeling. You ask someone what they want. They always reply with ‘nothing,’ well… with this gift you can actually get them nothing….

Bring Me Pizza Socks

Hungry? Kick your feet up. Show the funny message “If you can read this bring me some pizza.” A saucy present

Dachshund Toilet Paper Holder

What a hilarious gift! Toilet Paper Holder This toilet paper holder has a copper finish.

Hot Dog Roaster

What about those times when you get hungry and need something quick? Well there is a super quick fix for that.

Funny Paw Socks

This item will bring tears of laughter. When the socks are being worn they actually look like the paws of an animal.

Toilet Timer

Is Dad spending too much time in the bathroom? If not, you can still get him this very amusing gift.

Hairy Belly Waist Pack

Loads of laughs! This waist bag is designed to look like a hairy belly, if that’s not funny I don’t know what is!

“Please Rub My Feet” Socks

These cozy socks will make for a comfortable night of movie watching. At the bottom of one sock it says, “If you can read this” and on the other it says “Give me a Foot Rub.” You have an enormous array of slogan to choose from, when it comes to these funny socks.

Clear Shower Curtain with Pockets For iPhone, iPad, Android

Most young adults are attached to their mobile device as they take them everywhere with them. Now with this cool shower curtain, they take their devices to the shower also. It is hard to go wrong with this great gift.

Dash Omelette Maker

This adorable little breakfast maker is the perfect gift. Even though, it’s called an Omelette maker, truly all varieties of breakfast, lunch and dinner foods can be prepared minutes with this handy little machine. It features a handle at the top and comes in a sporty red color. Dash Omelette Maker will not take up much space since it weights approx. 2.14lbs and 11.3 inches in length.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

With this cozy mermaid tail blanket, you can help her be the mermaid she has always dreamed of being. It comes in a variety of colors. Pick on that matches her style or personality and watch her face light up when she opens it.

Pizza Sock Box

Does you know someone who loves both pizza and socks? This has to be the perfect gift for a girl or boy who loves both. Packaged just like a pizza, their face will be priceless when they open it. They will think of you every time they wears a new “slice” of pizza.

Ostrich Pillow

There will always be days when a snooze will almost be essential even at work, or anywhere else. And you don’t want to have noise and lights disturb you during it, and you don’t want people to see you drool. In such cases, the ostrich pillow.

Shower Mate Waterproof Note Pad

All the best ideas are thought of in the shower right? Well, this genius gift allows those ideas to not go wasted. Here you will be able to jot down anything that comes into your head with this waterproof shower notebook.

Standing Desktop Punching Bag Stress reliever

Maybe your co-worker dreams of being Muhammad Ali reincarnated someday or maybe they are just having a rough afternoon, in any case, this desktop portable punching bag can be very useful to let out some steam without looking like a total maniac.