13 Best Gifts For 18th Birthday

In this post we list the best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas. Being tasked with buying a gift an 18 year can be a daunting task. An 18-year-old is at that point in life where they are transitioning between a teenager and a young adult, so good gift options should try to a bridge between these two demographics. We have compiled a list that should have something even for the most eccentric 18-year-old in your life.

adidas Women’s Puremotion Adapt Running Shoe

18 year olds love trainers, so why not get them a pair of trendy trainers? With a stretchy upper mesh, and memory foam insoles, these sneakers are not only stylish, but super comfortable too. Great for women who are into fitness and want a stylish and comfortable footwear.

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

An amazing gift for anyone who is passionate about fitness. They may be pricey, but what they offer, few other earbuds can offer to the same. The design is water and sweat proof so perfect for joggers.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

These Bluetooth speakers are great as a companion on the go. You can take it to the beach, while playing sports, camping, a pool party, or even in the shower. Blast your favorite tunes through the high-quality speakers with 360 sound. The speakers are rugged and durable, so you won’t have to worry about damaging them. They are also splash proof so no matter the situation, it’s not a problem for your tunes.

The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make

Another great book that is packed with useful information the anyone will utilize for many years into the future. This excellent book has been updated for today’s generation. As this book has held up to the test of time and is one of the most highly regarded books for self-help and improvement. A book every one needs for their 18th birthday.

Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life Book

This is a New York Times bestseller and is filled with valuable information that just may come in handy during the young adult’s life to come.

The Experts’ Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do

The simplest things can be hard to master. A great book for all ages that will help you be a productive well rounded person.

A Beginner’s Guide to Investing: How to Grow Your Money the Smart and Easy Way

This is a great book for all ages to teach them important rules regarding money. Filled with invaluable lessons that we all wish we knew at the tender age of 18.

Clear Shower Curtain with Pockets For iPhone, iPad, Android

Most young adults are attached to their mobile device as they take them everywhere with them. Now with this cool shower curtain, they take their devices to the shower also. It is hard to go wrong with this great gift.

The Selfie Toaster

This selfie crazed generation will love this cool selfie toaster. This neat little toaster exemplifies the contemporary young adult and is an excellent idea for a gift.

Manual to Manhood

This classic paperback is a sound advice filled book for an 18-year-old ready to take on life. When you’re young, you feel like you will be young forever, but as we age, we realize just how quick your 20s and 30s zip by. This book will help an 18-year-old make right decisions and minimize regrets as they age.

College Box Care Package (45 item count)

The recipient of this gift will be overjoyed when they receive it and you will score some major brownie points with this Awesome care package. The bundle contains a mixture of sweet, salty, savory, and healthy snacks. Including chips, cookies, candies, bars, popcorn, crackers.

SNAPTAIN Copter Drone with Camera

Want to get something fun but different? This beginner friendly copter drone may be the perfect gift. Get hours of out of it by flying the drone around and recording cool videos.

Casio Men’s G Shock

Watches always make a good gift, this G Shock watch is a great choice for that important someone in your life. It looks great, is water resistant, and includes many different features. It also comes in a sleek black color.