17 Best Gift Ideas For Gamers

What’s a good gift for a gamer in your life? With so many to choose from if you’re not a gamer yourself the challenge can be quite difficult. It can seem like a new game, technology or gaming accessory comes out every week. It can be overwhelming to find the right gift. But don’t stress, for your convenience we’ve put together this guide where we list the best gifts for gamers. Whether your budget is small or big we will have something for you.

1. Gameboy Heat Changing Coffee Mug

While we’re on the topic of retro games. Check out this nifty Gameboy heat changing coffee mug. The display of the original game screen appears as soon as you add a hot beverage is poured into this color changing mug. A great novelty gift any gamer would truly appreciate.

2. Curved Gaming Monitor

You can’t beat the immersion or a curved monitor. Feel like your in the game with this Sceptre monitor. With built in speakers and GDMI connectivity.

3. Steam Gift Card

The perfect gift when you don’t know what to gift them. Just get them a gift card. Something any PC gamer will appreciate. Instead of worrying about what game you should buy just give him or her that choice. They will appreciate you for it! Steam is home to 1000s of top titles from new best sellers, to classics.

4. Pokémon Poke ball Mug

A great gift for a hardcore Pokémon fan. This unique gift idea is designed to the look and the shape of a poke ball. It’s licensed by Nintendo and is suitable for handwash for easy care. Great if you want to get a gift for a gamer that’s cheap and cheerful.

5. Pac-man lamp

A cool geeky gift. Who doesn’t love Pac-man? Great for someone’s bedroom, home office or even gaming den. Light up someone’s day with this great gift for gamers.

6. Super NES Retro console

While the gaming systems of today are impressive with their realistic graphics and advanced hardware. Older consoles represented a simpler time. Give someone that nostalgic feeling of firing up one of the classics with this super NES retro console. Pre-loaded with 21 games such as Super Mario and Street Fighter. A great gift for gamers that will keep them entertained for hours.

7. HDMI Splitter

This HDMI splitter makes it super easy to switch between 2 different HDMI inputs at a switch of a button. No external power source is needed, you just click the button. If you know someone who uses multiple devices on one HDMI port, then this would be the perfect gift for them.

8. GTRACING Gaming Chair

Every gamer needs a good gaming chair. If you’re spending hours a day gaming, then you need somewhere that feels comfortable. Somewhere you can sit back, relax and get into your game. This gaming chair by GT Racing is a best seller on Amazon. It has cushion support, a soft headrest and allows you to recline the seat up to 170°. Not only can be it used for gaming but it’s also great for work or study, it will make any desk space more comfortable and enjoyable.

9. Mini finger basketball game

Sports fans have often been labeled as incredibly passionate, and they tend to have the game on their mind 24/7, so if you have a co-worker who possesses a passion for basketball, this is the perfect contraption to keep their hands occupied while their mind does the heavy lifting at the office.

10. Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

No TV satellite, no problem? Get someone you love a Fire TV stick. A bestselling product which turns any TV into a comprehensive voice-controlled media streaming hub.

11. Darth Vader Waffle Maker

This could just be the perfect gift for a Star Wars fan. Its pretty self-explanatory, it makes Darth Vader Waffles. Something that will stand out in any dorm room or kitchen. Includes 5 different temperature settings. Works with sandwiches too.

12. Namco Arcade Machine

Not the cheapest gift. But if you want to go all out what is better than a full-size Arcade console. Someone who grew up playing these types of games will especially appreciate this gift. Give them the nostalgic feeling after playing all time classics such as pac-man, miss pacman and more.

13. Sonic Mug

Not much to say here, it’s a mug with sonic. Can you think of anything more impressive? I thought not. Get a quick peek at sonic every time you take a sip of tea. A great gift for gamers.

15. PS4 (Playstation 4) Slim Console

Know someone who is a bit of a gamer. Get them this PlayStation 4 console. Not only will they have plenty of games to choose from but they also have 1TB of storage which is more than enough space to fit lots of games.

16. Pacman Alarm Clock

This is probably one of the coolest gifts you will see today, this pacman alarm clock doesn’t do anything amazing or special, it’s just super cool. I’m sure you can think of someone who would really appreciate this gift.

17. PS5 (PlayStation 5)

If you want the latest. The next generation of gaming, get you a PS5. A must for gamers. With 4k gaming, super graphics, and HDR technology you can’t go wrong.