16 Best Gifts For Teachers

What would we do without teachers? They dedicate their lives to helping us gain knowledge and experience in many different subjects. They help us when we don’t understand things, and they are generally caring. Do you know a teacher like that? Want to show them that you appreciate them? You’ve come to the right place. Here we list the best gifts for teachers that will make them feel appreciated.

1. Make it count Calendar

Give someone the gift of motivation. Show them you care about their success. Get them this ‘make today count’ calendar that will keep them on track with their fitness goals.

2. BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal

Help someone get on the right track in life and help increase their performance. The BestShelf SElF Journal features Morning & Nightly Gratitudes, Today’s Targets & Goals, a daily schedule and tons of note taking areas. It comes with an attractive Canvas cover.

3. Pipe Bookends

Pipe design is a very popular aesthetic and gives the bedroom a more instudstrail scene. Even if it’s just one or two accent pieces, the pipe bookend will add a bold statement to the bedroom. This piece will make your bedroom look and feel original.

4. Small Cactus Plant Set

Small cacti can be placed on shelves and night stands to bring out a certain part of the room. If they are small enough they can be placed on photo shelves (check the weight requirement on your photo shelves). Small cacti can be grouped with other plants or placed alone. Cactus have the ability to stand out no matter where they are placed.

5. Money Tree/ Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees are perfect for a chill vibe in the bedroom. They are a great accent piece for a homey tranquil vibe. They can be placed on any ledge in the bedroom. They are so unique they can be placed near an accent wall to bring out the design of the room. A braided bonsai money tree is perfect for a more tropical feel.

6. Round Metal Wall Clock

This gift brings any desk or workspace to life. It includes seeds and can always be reused if the original plant dies or outgrows the box.

7. Office Plants

This gift brings any desk or workspace to life. It includes seeds and can always be reused if the original plant dies or outgrows the box.

8. Knight pen holder

This is one for those who like to personalize their desk with eye-catching pieces. This is for the kind who has a certain affinity towards great tales of heroism of knights in shining armors. The knight presenting a pen to you while kneeling every day can certainly romanticize boring work.

9. USB LED clock/fan

If you know someone that is tech-savvy, then get ready to blow them away with this incredibly fancy two in one device that makes a very eye-catching addition to your desk. The wings of the fan possess LED lights that form a circular clock when it rotates, providing the functionality of both at the same time.

10. Mini finger basketball game

Sports fans have often been labeled as incredibly passionate, and they tend to have the game on their mind 24/7, so if you have a co-worker who possesses a passion for basketball, this is the perfect contraption to keep their hands occupied while their mind does the heavy lifting at the office.

11. Compact cubicle heater

This gift is ideal for those who live and work in the relatively colder parts of the world. While some of us may possess a greater threshold for withstanding the lower temperatures, there are always those who cannot stand a drop of even a few degrees. So for that office mate of yours who likes warmer temperatures in his workspace, this is the ideal gift.

12. Tile Mate Key Finder

Nothing worse than losing a key, these tile mates make it a thing of the past. Simply use your smartphone to make the tile mate ring when its nearby.

13. 2 Speed USB Fan by OPOLAR

Great for summer, know someone who spends most of their days in an office. This USB fan is perfect. Let a cool breeze hit their face as they type away on their laptop.

14. Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet

Big bulgy wallets are starting to become a thing of the past, get someone the gift of a slim wallet. Not only will it make life easier by organizing their cash and cards but it will also won’t take up a lot of space.

15. Under Desk Cycle

If you know someone with a sedentary job, then you could always show them you care about their health and fitness by gifting them with a under desk cycle. They can get work done while burning those calories, go productivity!

16. Nu Board Whiteboard Notebook

There are so many things we waste paper on without even thinking twice. With this whiteboard notebook you can easily fill up its pages with notes and then erase them just as you would with a whiteboard. This is a perfect thoughtful and unique gift for any of the note takers out there.