26 Best Gifts For The Office

It is undeniable that your office can become a second home for you after a few years of working there, and in turn you co-workers are like a second family. So like any family, there are occasions in your co-workers lives where either you want to buy them a gift. To help you out here’s a list of creative, funny and convenient gifts for the office they will be sure to enjoy.

Gameboy Heat Changing Coffee Mug

Check out this nifty Gameboy heat changing coffee mug. The display of the original game screen appears as soon as you add a hot beverage is poured into this color changing mug. A great novelty gift any gamer would truly appreciate.

Acer Curved 27” Monitor

You can’t beat the immersion or a curved monitor. This monitor by acer will help bring someone’s gaming session to life with immersive 1080p resolution, a 4ms response time and a 144hz refresh rate. Includes a HDMI port, a DVI port and a display port. So, should be compatible with most devices.

HDMI Splitter

This HDMI splitter makes it super easy to switch between 2 different HDMI inputs at a switch of a button. No external power source is needed, you just click the button. If you know someone who uses multiple devices on one HDMI port, then this would be the perfect gift for them

Espro Travel Coffee Press Travel Mug

A perfect gift for someone who’s life is always on the move. This travel mug is a great companion that will keep beverages hot and toasty. It also includes a 360-degree drink lid and is leak and spill proof, so it won’t ruin your day. Tell a loved one you want them to stay hydrated with this sleek Espro travel coffee mug.

USB Charging Station

Nowadays more than ever, the need to charge your multiple devices is a necessity. This is a gift anyone would appreciate. This USB charging station lets everyone in your household their devices and includes quick charge, so you won’t be waiting around too long. It has 10 ports and should work with any phone including iPhone’s, Samsung, and more.

3″ Party Pack Emoji Stress Balls Stress Reliever

Stressful day at work? No problem. Just give one of these bad boys a squeeze. The emoji stress ball is a gift anyone who works will appreciate. These high-quality balls are durable and strong, they’re also made from non-toxic materials so you can give them to kids too. Another great gag gift for men.

The Official BS Button

This giant BS button is perfect to make a statement in the office, or even around the house. Feel like someone is BSing, then push the button. Perfect for calling someone out without having to say a single word yourself. When you press it, the red buzzer will light up and make a sound!

Pipe Bookends

Pipe design is a very popular aesthetic and gives the office a more instudstrail scene. Even if it’s just one or two accent pieces, the pipe bookend will add a bold statement to the office. This piece will make your office set up look and feel original.

Plant Set for the Office

Small cacti can be placed on shelves and night stands to bring out a certain part of the room. If they are small enough they can be placed on photo shelves (check the weight requirement on your photo shelves). Small cacti can be grouped with other plants or placed alone. Cactus have the ability to stand out no matter where they are placed.

Real Desk Plant for The Office – Thyme Plant

This gift brings any desk or workspace to life. It includes seeds and can always be reused if the original plant dies or outgrows the box.

Desktop Boxing: Knock Out Your Stress!

Maybe you wish to tackle your stress throughout the day but don’t really want to make a big deal about it, a desktop punching bag in miniature size just for a finger. Might not be a great big occasion gift like a birthday but a small surprise gift goes a long way.

Retirement countdown clock

If you know someone about to retire in your office, odds are after years of working they can’t wait for it anymore, so a clock that tells them “not long to go” is a pretty heartfelt gift.

Ostrich Pillow

There will always be days when a snooze will almost be essential even at work, or anywhere else. And you don’t want to have noise and lights disturb you during it, and you don’t want people to see you drool. In such cases, the ostrich pillow.

Portable Foot Hammock

Sitting upright on a desk for long periods of time can be exhausting and sometimes you might want to unwind, but nobody wants to be the person with their feet on the desk. With this ingenious gift, you can have the same relaxing posture except this is attached under the desk, so you don’t have to be “that guy.”

Standing Desktop Punching Bag For The Office

Maybe your co-worker dreams of being Muhammad Ali reincarnated someday or maybe they are just having a rough afternoon, in any case, this desktop portable punching bag can be very useful to let out some steam without looking like a total maniac.

USB LED clock

If you know someone that is tech-savvy, then get ready to blow them away with this incredibly fancy device that makes a very eye-catching addition to your desk. Great gift for the office.

Decision-maker paperweight

Being a part of the working world can mean making some hard and fast decisions under a lot of pressure, and if u have a work friend or a boss who holds such a position, this is the ideal gift for them. The dial has various options on it such as “yes,” “sit on it”, “today” or if you know them to procrastinate a lot, “tomorrow.”

Walkie talkie

Is the workplace becoming a little too dull for you and your buddy? Do both of you possess a very active inner child and wish to be a bit more fun during the long work hours? Then leave those phones that your boss doesn’t appreciate during work hours and use walkie talkies to constantly stay in touch with work buddy through the long work hours even in places with no reception.

Mini Buddha Board

The long days at work can get rather stressful and leave you wishing for something simpler and more peaceful to occupy your attention. This “magic” board is the perfect gift for such a time. The mechanism is simple and addictive; anything you write or draw on the board can disappear within a matter of minutes. So give your co-workers a chance to draw or write their worries away, whichever is their preferred method.

Mini finger basketball game

Sports fans have often been labeled as incredibly passionate, and they tend to have the game on their mind 24/7, so if you have a co-worker who possesses a passion for basketball, this is the perfect contraption to keep their hands occupied while their mind does the heavy lifting at the office.

Compact cubicle heater

This gift is ideal for those who live and work in the relatively colder parts of the world. While some of us may possess a greater threshold for withstanding the lower temperatures, there are always those who cannot stand a drop of even a few degrees. So for that office mate of yours who likes warmer temperatures in his workspace, this is the ideal gift.

Heat Changing Coffee Mug

A perfect unique gift, this mug lets you know how hot your coffee is. It changes color depending on the temperature, cool right?

2 Speed USB Fan

Great for summer, know someone who spends most of their days in an office. This USB fan is perfect. Let a cool breeze hit their face as they type away on their laptop.

Anker Fast Wireless Charger

If you have a wireless compatible phone but you don’t have a wireless charger you are really missing out. Get someone the gift of wireless charging with this Anker Fast Wireless charger. It also allows you to stand your phone use for easy access when watching shows or movies.

Under Desk Cycle

If you know someone with a sedentary job, then you could always show them you care about their health and fitness by gifting them with a under desk cycle. They can get work done while burning those calories, go productivity!

Henry Mini Desktop Cleaner

There honestly can’t be a cooler way to keep a desk clean from dust and dirt. Get someone this cool mini vacuum cleaner. It’s a perfect desk companion and can be great for picking up crumps in tiny places such as the keyboard.