7 Best Gifts For Travellers [2022]

Are you looking for something that will be useful for a traveller you know? Show them you care with one of our 7 Best Gifts for Travellers. From scratch off maps, to passport holders, to nifty gadgets like a fingerprint padlock, look no further!

Find the best gift for travellers, globe trotters, or anyone who can’t stay in the same place too long. Don’t waste your time with gifts they won’t use. Instead find them something inline with their passion of traveling. The perfect gift for a traveler will make their journeys more enjoyable and more convenient, and they will thank you for it. Alternatively, something that will help them remember and memorialise, or plan their trips can be an ideal gift!

Without further ado, here are our 7 Best Gifts for Travellers:

1. Scratch Off Map

This handy map allows you to keep track of all the places you have visited. Scratch of the countries or states you have visited, and they pop out in beautiful colours against the background. The bottom of the map allows you to do the same using the flags of the countries you have visited. A beautiful map that also serves as a reminder of all those holidays, trips, and tours.

2. Cork Globe for travelers

For the traveler. This mini globe is a perfect gift for a traveller. It’s made of cork, and comes with pins so you can record where you have been. The globe is clearly outlined with each country which makes it useful to track where you’ve been around the world. And it comes with 50 pins so there’s no need run to the store to buy any more.

3. Kate Spade Leather Passport Wallet

This Leather Passport Wallet is an awesome gift to accompany someone who travels in style. It’s a functional item that protects your passport, and brings the style of Kate Spade with you as you travel. This wallet is beautiful, handmade, and very durable. Perfect for city breaks or longer trips.

4. The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

This book is a great idea for a new retiree or younger adventurers. If you are deciding on your bucket list, it has a whole bunch of inspiring and life affirming adventures. Maybe they will inspire you to think of more, or maybe they already sound perfect as is. Each activity in the book includes adventures with specific locations around the world.

5. Tile Mate Key Finder

Nothing worse than losing a key, especially when you are travelling. These tile mates make it a thing of the past. Simply use your smartphone to make the tile mate ring when its nearby. Don’t lose your phone too!

6. Secure Money (and document) holder

Wear it under your clothes to keep your most valuable items safe. Passports, credit and debit cards, other travel documents. You are often separated from your bags when you travel, but this handy secure wallet can be worn under clothes, under a jacket, or just visible.

7. Fingerprint Padlock

Who has time to remember keys or 4-digit pin codes? With this fingerprint padlock you simply don’t have to. This genius device can be used around the house, but is especially useful for travelling. Lock your suitcase and no need to worry that jet lag and tiredness will cause you to forget your combination, or face the nightmare or losing your tiny suitcase padlock keys while en route.

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