18 Unique Best Gifts Under $20

On a tight budget? Don’t stress we got your back. Here we list the best gifts under $20 you can buy. Enjoy!

Henry Mini Desktop Cleaner

There honestly can’t be a cooler way to keep a desk clean from dust and dirt. Get someone this cool mini vacuum cleaner. It’s a perfect desk companion and can be great for picking up crumps in tiny places such as the keyboard.

Ceramic cat measuring spoons

These measuring spoons are perfect for any cat lover. They are made out of high-quality ceramic and come in 4 sizes. And you can buy them at around $11 at the time of writing this, they are a cheap and cheerful gift that will put a smile on someone’s face.

Cute Animal Socks

These socks are made of 80% soft cotton. So, you know they will be extra soft. They are great as a gift for birthdays, mothers’ days or for pet lovers. They come in 5 different cute designs. They’re great all year around and with a price of $10, they offer great value for money.

Derwent Sketching Wallet, 17 Pieces

A great gift for artists. A stylish wallet that can liberate you to sketch anytime, anywhere. If the gift recipient is someone who loves the outdoors, then this will be a great gift for them. If provides an artist everything they need to start drawing.

Van Gogh Disappearing Ear Mug

This Van Gogh Mug has a picture of the classic Van Gogh self-portrait. However, what makes it unique is that when you pour a hot beverage into the mug, his ear magically disappears. On top of that the mug is also microwave safe!

Cute Seal Pillow

This cute and loyal partner will bring someone joy and happiness every day with it’s cute and smiley face. A great low-cost gift that can also be used as a nap pillow, hug pillow or a toy to have around the house/ office. Great for people of any age and makes a great gift for any occasion.

Pistachio Bowl, Snack Serving Dish

If he’s messy with pistachios, this will help keep him organized. This snack dish is great for serving cherries, olives, peanuts and any other small nuts or fruits. Great for parties of functions, a great functional gag gift for men.

Microfiber Slippers Floor Cleaning 5 Pack

Walking is mopping with these microfiber slippers. All he has to do is open his gift, step in the slippers, and get to stepping. The microfiber picks up dirt like a magnet. A funny gift for someone who doesn’t clean up enough around the house. The bottom is also detachable so it can be thrown in the wash after a long day of cleaning.

Bring Me Pizza Socks

Hungry? Kick your feet up. Show the funny message “If you can read this bring me some pizza.” A saucy present that’s guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face. Its build well from cotton and has a non-slip grip which means you can wear it daily.

Hot Dog Roaster

What about those times when you get hungry and need something quick? Well there is a super quick fix for that. This simple to use hot dog toaster cooks up to 2 hot dogs at a time. The piece of equipment can not only cook the hot dog but it can also warm-up your hot dog buns, so that dad can have a nice warm meal.

Funny Paw Socks

This item will bring tears of laughter. When the socks are being worn they actually look like the paws of an animal. The material that the socks are being made from are 10% Spandex and Cotton. The rest of the material is Polyester which makes the socks extremely durable. The socks can fit the feet of up to size 13.

College Box Care Package (45 item count)

The recipient of this gift will be overjoyed when they receive it and you will score some major brownie points with this Awesome care package. The bundle contains a mixture of sweet, salty, savory, and healthy snacks. Including chips, cookies, candies, bars, popcorn, crackers.

Pizza Sock Box

Does you know someone who loves both pizza and socks? This has to be the perfect gift for a girl or boy who loves both. Packaged just like a pizza, their face will be priceless when they open it. They will think of you every time they wears a new “slice” of pizza.

USB LED clock/fan

If you know someone that is tech-savvy, then get ready to blow them away with this incredibly fancy two in one device that makes a very eye-catching addition to your desk. The wings of the fan possess LED lights that form a circular clock when it rotates, providing the functionality of both at the same time.

Mini Buddha Board

The long days at work can get rather stressful and leave you wishing for something simpler and more peaceful to occupy your attention. This “magic” board is the perfect gift for such a time. The mechanism is simple and addictive; anything you write or draw on the board can disappear within a matter of minutes. So give your co-workers a chance to draw or write their worries away, whichever is their preferred method.

Tile Mate Key Finder

Nothing worse than losing a key, these tile mates make it a thing of the past. Simply use your smartphone to make the tile mate ring when its nearby.

Heat Changing Coffee Mug

A perfect unique gift, this mug lets you know how hot your coffee is. It changes color depending on the temperature, cool right?