How to Choose a Mountain Bike

How to Choose a Mountain Bike | Fission Review

As soon as human civilization increased their movement, there was a growing demand for personal transport. Pet horse or donkey was used as personal transport before it was difficult to get and maintain a horse only to ride on it. So in the early 19th, the bicycle was developed in Europe. And it was a blast for bicycle companies. By early 21st century, more than 1 billion have been produced. As a self-driven, human powered form of transportation, bicycle gained a lot of popularity within a very short time.

There is a wide version of bicycles available, like general fitness, military and police application, racing and stunt bicycle etc. today we’ll talk how to choose a mountain bike. Summer is here and it is the time for the vacations. Bicycling is always an encouraged one, among all the outdoor activity. The other benefits of bicycling include the low impact on joints and it is a great workout.

If you are fond of roaming around, Bicycling can be a great activity for you. Also, you can pack as many interesting sights to see. Or if your live close to your workplace, bicycling is also an efficient way of transportation which saves money as well as the environment. When you are looking to buy a new mountain bike, the concern is to get a mountain bike that can match your criteria. The ratio of price and performance is very crucial in this aspect. There is no logical conclusion to invest in a mountain bike with advanced features unless you have the skill level to deal with that.

And you want to compete in professional competitions. Most users are well-served by a bike. And amazingly you can be an owner of a solid mountain bike, especially if they are still learning the basics. Of course, it would be naïve to believe that all affordable bikes are equally good, as there are significant differences between the type of construction, materials used, the technical quality of mechanical parts and a number of other factors. Getting a mountain bike in your budget is really crucial.

How to Choose The Best Mountain Bike

What is mountain bike?

Mountain bike is a type of bicycle that designed for off-road riding. There are some similarities with the normal bike but a mountain bike is specially designed to endure any type of abuse.

How to Choose a Mountain Bike?


Mostly a mountain bike will be used purely for commuting as a sturdier alternative to a commuter-style road bike. Most probably, you want a bike both for commuting on-road and some off-road riding. Or maybe you have no intention of using the bike on-road and its primary use is to have a fun off-road ride. The different categories of a mountain bike are designed for different purposes. You can then measure up your requirements and long-term bike riding goals and see which category of bike best fits your intended use. Before you can pick a mountain bike, let’s know briefly about different categories of mountain bike:-

Recreational mountain bike:- 

This type of mountain bike is designed to use both week-long commutingThey usually have no suspension, or at the most minimal front suspension, as they are not intended for very rough tracks (these are often called technical tracks). They will usually have an aluminum frame which is a good mix of strength, low weight, and affordability. They are ideal to turn into a commuter by adding mudguards and a rack system for carrying extra stuff. They are also a good choice if all the off-road riding you have in mind are smooth off-road trails roads, though for this use front-suspension is recommended as it will result in less fatigue in the hands and arms as less vibration from uneven surfaces will be transmitted to your body.

Cross-country bike:-These cross-country bikes feature an aggressive race position on the bike, with lighter front suspension (100mm) and often no rear suspension. So if you are planning on doing some longer off-road rides then their more efficient setup will be beneficial. If this long distance includes some rougher terrain, especially if it is on downhill sections, the rear suspension will be a big advantage to maximize speed and comfort and reduce fatigue.

Trail Bike:- This single-track style riding is best tackled on a bike with more suspension travel (120/140mm), and a more upright riding position, than a dedicated cross-country bike. These bikes still feature a full range of gears for efficient climbing and speed on the flats.

All-bike:- These bikes can still be pedaled uphill with relative efficiency, but they are definitely more optimized for the downhills. These are made for people who enjoy trail riding which includes both up and down, but who ride more aggressive terrain than your typical cruisy single-track, including built features like bigger drops and jumps and like to do so at speed. The frames are designed with an upright riding position and optimized geometry that makes descending steep terrain more manageable. They also include even longer travel suspension (150/160mm) and more powerful brake systems to allow higher speed descents over technical terrain.

Downhill:- with more suspension, powerful brake, and low climbing feature, These are used by riders who ride and race extreme downhill courses or mountain routes after being lifted to the top by mechanical means (shuttled by vehicle, gondola, or even helicopter), or pushing the bike up on foot.


Get a mountain bike in your budget:-

In this step, you just have to pick an appropriate mountain bike for you. Of course in your budget.

How to change a mountain bike tire? 

If you have a flat tire, you should remove the tire from the wheel. Use the appropriate tool to remove the tire from the wheel. Now you can inspect the damage and if possible you can fix that. If there is a problem with the tube, try a new one and inflate the tire carefully! Now you get a new tire to carry on your journey.

Final verdict:-

please read the care guide before assembling your bicycle. Wear a helmet while riding off-road!

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