How to Clean Bathroom Tile Grout

How To Clean Bathroom Tile Grout:Fission Review

This is article is about the cleaning process of the bathroom tile grout. As you all know, bathroom tile is the hardest part of the bathroom to clean. Let’s discuss that! Bathroom tile and the tile joint is the toughest point to clean. The bathroom is one of the frequently used places in the house. You used the bathroom to take a loo or for taking a shower after a rough day. Every time you use the bathroom, you left something which can get your bathroom dirty. Suppose you put a shower mat in your shower, if the mat can’t circulate the water properly there’ll mold growing under the mat that can cause serious infection to you and your family. So you have clean your bathroom time to time. The bathroom tile is a hygiene issue. In a bathroom/restroom, the tile is the most tortured element. It tolerates water spill, hard shoe sole, and fights with germ build-up. Not clean actually! Keep its hygiene. How are you going to choose the perfect cleaner for your bathroom? Now don’t tell me that it's just a bathroom, why so serious! If not properly clean, your well-organized bathroom will turn into a natural inhabitant of germs, and bacteria. You don’t want that. Right? That’s why you have to choose your bathroom cleaner carefully. There are several kinds of bathroom cleaners. Bathroom tiles will be a threat to your family if you don’t clean the tile regularly. Some are made from natural ingredients while some are made of synthetic ingredients. Some cleaners are not actually cleaners, they are just scrubbers. Some cleaner leaves a pleasant scent, and some don’t. Confused enough? Relax! We made this review to save from confusion. In this article, you can find a basic way how to clean bathroom tile grout.

How To Clean Bathroom Tile Grout

How to Clean Bathroom Tile Grout?

​​Are you looking for the best way to clean bathroom tile grout? Maybe this won’t prevent mildew from reform again. In this case, you can scrub the grout in a circular motion. This will loosen the build-up between your tiles, and ease the rest of the cleaning process. Let’s know about some other ways to clean bathroom tile grout.


If you have a pressure washer in your cleaning arsenal, you can easily clean the grout with a pointed nozzle to further help to loosen up grime before the next few steps. A pressure washer will easily clean your bathroom tile.


You can try a natural solution to avoid filling your home with the strong fumes of chemicals before you go for the heavy cleaning gadgets. You can mix two tablespoons of baking soda with water to form a thick paste. Now scrub the paste into the grout with a bristled brush. Once you cover all the grout with the paste, spritz the area with a half-half mixture of white vinegar, and water. Now left the combo to bubble away for the next half an hour. Repeat the process a second time over if necessary.


If you are looking for an alternative cleaning mix, you can use this mixture of borax, lemon oil,and liquid soap. Take a bowl, and ¼ Cup of borax, ½ Teaspoon lemon oil,, and enough liquid soap. Now mix these all together to form a bathroom tiles cleaner paste. After you make the paste, scrub this paste into the grout with circular motions with an old toothbrush before rinsing with warm water.


If you are facing deep-rooted discoloration, and grime problem, bleach might be the only answer. Before use bleach, you should first ensure your bathroom is well ventilated, and the bleach will only be used on white grouting. Make a mixture of bleach, and water. Spray it on the grout. Use an old toothbrush, scrub in between the tiles, and rinse when finished.

Some tips to maintain clean bathroom tiles:-

There is something more than rubbing and scrubbing. You can keep your bathroom cleaner, and stain free by following these simple rules!

#Always Keep the bathroom dry:-

If you can keep the bathroom dry, you don’t have to worry much to clean it. You should make sure that exhaust fans are in use. Or you can leave windows open whenever possible. But shut the window while showering to make you [object Object]. Always use bath mats, and freshen up when necessary.

#Treat small stains as soon as they appear:- 

A small stain will become a big grout one day. So clean the smallest stain as soon as they appear. You can use white toothpaste. It can be a handy spot solution. Rub some white toothpaste into the stained grout, and let it sit for a few minutes, before scrubbing away with an old toothbrush

#Pencil eraser:- 

It may sound a little odd, but a pencil eraser can erase more than just pencil lead. Rub a stubborn spot with a white eraser for a quick touch up. But you can only us an eraser on a dry surface.

What to used to clean bathroom tiles?

There are a lot of bathroom cleaners available. You can pick one that suits your bathroom types. We recommend you to use a combination of natural, and artificial cleaners to keep your bathroom tile clean. You can use baking soda, and water to clean the tiles. Or you can use strong artificial cleaners like bleach. With a natural cleaner, you can get a clean bathroom without filling your shower space with harmful fumes. But it can take some time. On the other hand, you can use an artificial cleaner to get a quick result.

What’s the best cleaning product for the bathroom?

In our search to find the best cleaning product, we find some mind-blowing results. Bleach is the best bathroom cleaning product. Why? Because bleach is cheap, and fast acting cleaner. But you have to careful while dealing with bleach.

Final Verdict:- 

You can clean any bathroom tile by following these process. As different bathroom tile needs a different process to clean, we tried to cover every aspect! 

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