How to clean yoga mat at home

How to Clean Yoga Mat at Home in 2020: Step by Step Guidelines

A yoga mat is an essential material for the people who regularly do yoga at home. Yoga mat will get stinky and sweaty for no matter how long you use. So, this creates a problem for pleasant yoga.

Your skin or sweat, oil or dust can make the surface of the yoga mat dirty. Those ingredients create difficulties in practicing yoga on the mat as it might make you slippery.

So, cleaning your yoga mat regularly with the daily basis maintenance, you can certainly use the mat for a very long time and enjoy a very smooth and slippery free yoga practice.

Here we have given some tips on how to clean yoga mat at home easily.

Steps to clean yoga mat

Wash yoga mat:You should be careful about washing your mat. Wash yoga mat regularly every month if you don’t practice yoga every day. By washing mat, it can increase the lifetime of your yoga mat and prevent bacteria.

•Wash your yoga mat every month if you do yoga regularly. It is better to wash it in the hot weather.

•If you find much soil on your yoga mat, it is needed to be washed properly.

•If you get irritated because of the fabric of your yoga mat, you should consider buying a new yoga mat.

Soak yoga mat:

Make a mixture with warm water and use dish soap. Swamp the yoga mat in the water and put it for soaking for few minutes. It helps to remove dirt, odors or other dirty elements.

•Mild detergents or dish soap can be better options for cleaning yoga mat mildly.

•Try to avoid applying more detergents in the water. It needs sufficient soap for cleaning your mat.

•If you use more detergents, it can make yoga mat slippery and there will be a problem for practicing.

•Use one tablespoon of detergents with one gallon of water.

•Some experts recommend using vinegar. But it can make a long lasting and un pleasurable scent on the yoga mat. It can hamper your practice and make it irritating.

•Using vinegar, the quality of your mat depends upon the material of the yoga mat.

yoga mat

Wash the yoga mat with a soft fabric or cloth:

If you have done with soaking for some minutes, wash with a soft cloth on both sides of your mat. Clean every side thoroughly, concentrate on the regions that are used mostly by you.

•Clean the areas that you used much as they will have faint color comparing to your rest of the areas of your mat.

•You should wipe every portion gently without degrading the materials of your yoga mat.

•If you cannot see bubbles in the detergent, it is good. Be aware you need sufficient water and detergent and bubble for cleaning yoga mat without making this slippery.

•You should never keep your yoga mat in your washing machine. It will damage the quality of the mat and will make it much slippery.

Rinse the yoga mat with clean water:

Wash the yoga mat with clean water. It will help to remove the soap from the mat and reduce the risks of slippery.

•Rinse the yoga mat continuously unless the water gets clear.

•Wash again with a soft cloth if the water does not get clear.

Wipe out the extra water from yoga mat:

Shake properly to wipe out the extra water from the surface of a yoga mat. Put the yoga mat lying in a dry towel. roll these together for squeezing out the rest of the moisture.

•You should not wring out your yoga mat. It can cause tearing or damaging the fabric.

•You might step on your rolled yoga mat to remove extra water. It can be very effective.

Hang yoga mat for drying:

if you have completed with squeezing out the remaining moisture, unroll the mat and hung this for drying.

•You may use hangers for drying but it can make marks on the mat.

•You can use laundry for a drying rack. Put your yoga mat on it. It is also very effective for drying both sides of the mat.

•Don’t keep your yoga mat in your cloth dryer. It can ruin the mat and even make fire.

•If the mat is completely dry, you can use again.

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Maintenance of your yoga mat:

Dirt, sweat or oil can damage the quality of the yoga mat and it can be difficult practicing yoga. Proper maintenance of yoga mat can increase the lifetime and reduce the problem of washing regularly. It is wise to clean the yoga mat if you do your yoga every day.

Cleaning hands and feet before practicing:

Yoga mat will be frequently touched by your hands and your feet. Those part of the body gets dirty most of the time.

•If you use your yoga mat with clean hands and feet, it won’t get dirty often and prevent bacteria from affecting your skin.

•Clean your hands and your feet properly. Wash off cream or lotions which can damage the yoga mat and make it slippery.

•Wipe off your soles and palms gently if you have a problem in washing your hand and feet.

Place the towel on the yoga mat:

You can place a towel on the yoga mat if you have a sweating problem. It can help to absorb extra moisture and grip the yoga mat.

You should use a yoga towel. These towels have the good absorbent capacity to grip and prevent it slippery.

Yoga towel can be found at any sports store or you can find online.

                                            Final Verdict By following our guideline on how to clean yoga mat at home, you can have a long-lasting and dirt-free yoga mat. Hope this information can be helpful for your cleaning your yoga mat. Enjoy your yoga!

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