How To Fix Loose Wood Screws

5 Easy Ways How To Fix Loose Wood Screws: Step By Step Guideline

Loosing wood screws of different tools is a common problem in our daily life. After a long-time use, wood screw gets loose and sometimes it becomes very difficult to put it back in the same position. But with proper technique, you can loose wood screws in wooden materials like a door, window, drawer etc easily and quickly. 

You just need to modify the size of the hole so that it gets smaller than before. In this way, it grips the wood.Let's talk about How to fix loose wood screws

Using glue:

It is the utmost solution of this problem. You can drill out the wood screw holes and put glue with wooden dowels in the exactly similar diameter as before it was.

After finishing tapping dowels in the hole and the glue will set that dowel off to flush with the edge of the wooden side. After that, you can drill the pilot holes before you screw in it. 

This process is very good as the screw looks like drilling in the new wood. 

Using Matchsticks or Toothpicks:

If your screw hole is very small, you can wedge a shim mixing with some glue into the screw hole. You can use matchstick or toothpick for shim. If the glue is set, then cut off that shim flushing with the side of the wood.

Using large screw:

Another option is to use an oversize screw. You have to be careful about one thing and that is checking the wood screw. They should not be too long by using an oversize screw.

Using a sharp knife:

If you use a little size of the pin with a sharp knife, You have to create pointed shim filling up the oversize screw holes. You should sharpen the pine-wood in a pointed size splint. 

After that, you can tape in the hole. You should coat that splint with some glue just before you tapped in the hole. When the glue will be dried up, then use a sharp knife to remove extra pine flush before you drill pilot holes.

Using gulf-tee:

There is another method of fixing the problem of filling oversize holes using golf tee. At first, tap that golf tee in the hole. Keep in mind, there may be needed to be cut off to make flush with the side of that surface.
By using this process you can remove the gap.

                                     Final Verdict

That was all about how to fix loose wood screw. There are many other ways to fix the screw problem. But only by following the above steps, you can certainly fix your loosen screw. 

It depends upon the size of the screw and other factors. So, if you want to fix your loosen wood screw, you can use your homemade ingredients to fix this common problem. Hope this information will be helpful for your screw problem. Best of luck!

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