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When you can’t go out to play the games that need an open ground to play, you can rely on indoor games. Indoor games help you to gain health goals without going out. Basically, in the cold countries, indoor games are the main source of entertainment. Because of intense show fall for a long time, it will impossible to play an outdoor game. So indoor games will be the only thing you can rely on to sweat it down. Among the indoor games, ping pong is popular because of its fun type and basic health benefits. Ping pong is full of fun. Ping pong is a form of indoor sports that played by two or four players. They try to hit a lightweight ball back and forth using small bats. The game takes place on a hard table divided by nets. The rules of the table tennis are mostly same as the rules of lawn tennis. Like most sports, the right equipment will make it a lot easier for once you get the basics. Today we’ll discuss how to make ping pong paddle sticky.

The process of finding best ping pong paddle, based on your level and needs. After you play a few rounds with a quality paddle, you definitely don’t want to go back the cheap ones that might have come in a set. Let’s start by taking a look at the best ping pong paddles for the beginner, an intermediate player. We also focused on the paddle with great spin and also for competition play.

How To Make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky

How to Make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky?

Do you want an Olympic quality kill shot? You need a sticky ping pong paddle. What is so special about a sticky ping pong paddle? When a ping pong paddle is sticky, it will allow getting more accurate shot with high velocity. It will provide you a better control of spin. But the rubber on ping pong paddles tends to lose grip over time, lasting about 80-hours of playing time. After this, the rubber will dead. So you have to take a good care for your ping pong paddle.

When you take one of the paddles in your hand, you can see that each side of the wooden racket is covered with two layers of rubber. The first layer is sitting directly on the racket. It is yellow and called a sandwich rubber. The second layer on the forehand side of the paddle which is used for high-velocity shots will be colored red. The backhand side is black. Most of the players make the forehand side rubber sticky to get a better spin/control and leave the backhand side as it is. But you can make either side sticky per your preference. The job of a sticky surface is to catch the ball so that it can compress into the rubber, hit the wood and burst back out.

The process of making a sticky ping pong paddle:-

You can make your ping pong paddle sticky by using some effortless material. You don’t have to buy any expensive tools to get the job done. Let’s see how you can make a ping pong paddle sticky:-

Things you need:-

• A medium size artist brush.

• Some sunflowers oil.


Clean the paddles. Because the paddles may have contained some dirt from the court. Clean the paddles with a soft cloth. Make sure not to harm the layer of the rubber. After the cleaning, you can start!


Now use the artist brush to apply the sunflower oil on the surface of the paddle. Try to completely cover the rubber on the paddle. Let the oil soak in for about 30-minutes and repeat the process. The oil will give the rubber on the puddle tackiness and durability. After several times, you can stop the oiling process.


Now mop up the rubber surface with a cloth to ensure the cleanliness of the paddle. You can use a little of water to make it perfectly clean. You have to clean the ping pong paddle after every use. You can use a plastic ping pong paddle protector or just slide the paddle into a plastic bag. Store the paddle in a cool, dry place. 

Some tips about ping pong paddle:- 


To protect your paddle cover the paddles with self-adhesive plastic sheeting after the match ends. This practice will not only protect them from more dust, the glue adds a little tack to the rubber after removal. In a tournament, you should check the rules of the committee to ensure your method is acceptable. Some tournament committee won't allow players to use plastic sheeting with non-water-based glues.


The storage case is an important fact when we talk about the storage. The storage case included with your paddle offers the best long-term protection for your rubbers. No matter you keep them inside the case or not, keep your paddle out of direct sunlight to avoid exposing it to harmful ultra-violet light. Ultraviolet light will break down rubber, making it difficult to take care of. Moreover, broken down rubber becomes hard and non-sticky.

table tennis paddle

Final Verdict:- 

A sticky ping pong paddle will give you the upper hand in a competitive tournament. So it is important to know how to make paddle sticky. We tried to keep it simple to make comfortable with the process.

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