How to make window cleaner

How to Make Window Cleaner With Vinegar in 2020

Making window cleaner in the home is very interesting things. It is very cheap and effective. It shines wonderfully. You can also use this for other cleaning purposes such as cleaning the photo frame and glass materials.

Often commercial products like cleaning products might be harmful to the sensitive and smooth skin and also for the environment. They sometimes contain harmful ingredients like ammonia which is very harmful to people.

Here we have given some awesome methods on how to make window cleaner in less expensive and easy ways to save more money, your sensitive skin,and the environment by making your own window cleaner.

Using vinegar and water:

You can make your own window cleaner using vinegar and water. You will require these ingredients:
A.White vinegar
C.One spray container

For that, you have to fill up the spray container with same portion vinegar with water. After that use that sprays to your window. If you want fragrant smell spray, scented mixture vinegar can be used for this.

The advantage of applying vinegar is that it will save your money and no harmful chemicals will be used. Moreover, it removes the fingerprints effectively and also removes grime. It will not remove streaks.

Using vinegar with alcohol:

You can make window cleaner by using vinegar with alcohol. This handmade cleaner quickly removes the spots and is less expensive than commercial window cleaners.

You will require:
A.One cup of alcohol
B.One cup of water
C.One spoon of vinegar
D.Spray container

Apply 1 cup of alcohol with water and 1 spoon of vinegar. Fill up the spray container and apply this mixture as a window cleaner.

Keep the window cleaner in cool place and keep the mixture from heat places because this makes the alcohol flammable.

window cleaner

Using soap and vinegar:

A.One cup vinegar
B.Half tablespoon soap
C.Warm water

You should mix the vinegar with soap and with 1 gallon of hot water. Then pour this mixture in the spray container and you can use for window cleaner.
Using citrus peel:

Required elements:
A.Citrus Peel
B.Perfumed vinegar
C.Water and spray container

You can use a citrus peel with vinegar to make window cleaner. Mix the citrus and put it in a container. Then mix the 1 cup citrus perfumed vinegar with 1 cup water in the spray container.

Using club soda:

Required ingredients:
A.Club soda
B.Spray container

Pour the club soda in the spray container and you can use this mixture as a window cleaner.

Using glycerol and ammonium hydroxide:

The required ingredients:
B.Ammonium hydroxide
C.Sodium alkyl sulfonate

It is one of the most famous windows cleaning recipes. You can mix all the elements and use it as a window cleaner.

Using isopropyl:
A.One-fourth cup of white vinegar or apple vinegar
B.One-fourth cup of isopropyl alcohol
C.One tablespoon cornstarch
D.Two cups of water
E.Eight to ten drops of oil. You can use lemon juice, orange or another citrus can be adoption here.
F.Spray container

Mix all the ingredients in the spray container. Shake the mixture properly to dissolve. Then spray on the window and rinse it properly.

Using detergents and white vinegar:
You will require:
A.Two cups of water
B.One-fourth cup of white vinegar
C.Half tea-spoon detergents and bucket
D.Scrubber brush and water-hose and spray container

For making this, you have to make the entire bucket of this mixture. Use scrubber brush, you can dip the scrubber brush of the mixture and rub this on your window.

After that spray the window with the water. Make sure you rinse it properly.

General tips to using newspaper to clean window:

A.You should use newspaper for window cleaning rather than using paper towel. It is the main secret for streak less window.

B.If you don’t use newspaper, you can use fresh papers for cleaning the window.

C.Rubbing alcohol is inflammable. In the case of a rural region, you can just apply water.

D.While cleaning the windows, clean it from left to right from inside and from the outside clean it through the top to bottom.

E.It is better to clean the window son a dry day. Try to clean the windows when the sun shines at them. This can make to streaks for whatever window cleaner you will use.

Some warnings and preventive measure for applying window cleaners:

•You should not reuse the vacant cleaner container or bottle. Purchase a new container or bottle for your window cleaner. 

•Alcohol and vinegar work like solvents which can pick up the uncover chemicals in the old spray container. If you have better knowledge of chemistry but it is better to avoid these chemical reactions. By using a new bottle, you need not worry about those reactions.

•You should label the elements of the cleaner container. You should label this clearly writing big size letters about the name of that content.

•“Vinegar window cleaner” or “alcohol and vinegar window cleaner” better labels can be written.

•It will be wise to write the start date about mixing your ingredients. If the results are not good, you can certainly understand the problem by this date.

•You should keep the window cleaners away from the children and your pet.

•The chemical ingredients might be irritating and harmful, the alcohol can be inflammable.

•You should store these cleaning materials away from cooking elements. You should not be confused about drinking alcohol with rubbing alcohol.

                                         Final Verdict
That was all about how to make window cleaner. By following above these methods, you can make a harmless environment free window cleaner which can be helpful for saving your money. Enjoy happy cleaning!

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