How To Make Your Exhaust Louder For Free

How To Make Your Exhaust Louder For Free

Today we are talking how to make your exhaust louder for free. This truck from Ford is one of the best-selling truck of all time. If there is one f150 in your driveway, I am sure you want your f150 to stand out from the crowd.

An easy way to improve the sound and performance of the truck is with a new exhaust system. The chrome plated exhaust will give you the style of hot-rod. Moreover, a perfect exhaust will increase the horsepower. When you pull over to a red light, the guy in the other lane will quickly realize you aren’t driving a normal f150, yours is different!

The rumbling sound of the exhaust system will give it immediately. Ford has been very successful in convincing their buyers that they don’t need a V8. The twin-turbo 2.7 liters or 3.5 liters V6 engine was a hit. Most of the f150 have this engine and it makes the f-series is the best-selling full-size pick truck in the US market.

The ford f-series is a series of light and medium-duty trucks have been manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company since 1948. The most popular version of the f-series is the f-150 and now it is in its thirteenth generation. The f-150 is a perfect light pickup truck. You can find this truck everywhere in the United States. If you make your truck different from others, you simply need an exhaust system.

How To Make Your Exhaust Louder

What is sound exhaust?

A car’s exhaust has different functions to do. A deep-sounding from an exhaust system is important. Because it indicates that the engine is performing correctly. The exhaust system is one of the parts that work the hardest point of the whole system. It is consists of a series of pipes that control noise. This complicated system also directs the exhaust fumes away from the car’s precious interior. The engine feels exhausted and choked when the exhaust doesn’t function well. And by this, the horsepower of the engine is negatively affected. You also sacrifice fuel consumption due to a faulty exhaust system. You can see a drastic change in your engine’s horsepower as soon as you fix your exhaust. The sound of the exhaust will remind you of how fast and powerful your engine could be. The sound determines your car’s capacity in general.

How to make your exhaust louder for free?

Acquire tools:-

In this stage, you should acquire the tools that need to carry out the task. You will need an adjustable wrench. It is recommended to use a ratchet/socket wrench to do the job. As you
have an assortment of fittings, you can use 4 types 10 mm, 13mm, 14mm, and 15 mm. Fricke metric systems. If you don’t use a ratchet/socket wrench then you can use 2 adjustable wrenches, a compressor, and a die grinder. If you don’t have either of those, don’t worry! You’ll need a hand saw or whatever kind of saw you can find that will work, and a lot of patience. Possibly a flat head screwdriver and a hammer.

Acquire material:-

Some strait pipe will need to do the task. You should use common sense when picking. For measurement, use an old pipe. Don’t end up getting the flexible type, because the store was out of the regular! But you may luck out because it needed to make a slight curve and you'll need a muffler tip. Well not need but there is a huge difference. We ended up buying one of those $20 bolts on types. But isn’t that what we do here on intractable. But you can choose whatever you want

How To Make Your Exhaust Louder For Free

Dismantle everything you need:-

In this step, you have to take out every bolt associated with the exhaust system up to the Catalytic converter. The converter should be the last piece coming off. this step is pretty simple. Even though it actually takes a little while, there is really not much to explain. So there should be clamps at each of the ends. Unbolt those; take it off save it for that one day a few years from now. When for some reason you’ll need it, even though you went out and bought 2 new clamps.
Simply pull apart:-

Before you are resorting to grinding, try to see if you can just simply pull apart the whole system. You can try twisting and be pulling and all of that stuff. If you get them apart then your damn lucky, if you can’t get them apart then go to the next step. If they do simply pull apart, skip all steps that will come next. Also, just for fun, after trying to pull them apart. And you decided that’s not going to work. Make a bet on which one is going to be easier to remove once you hit it with the die grinder.


Can you remember the step 3? Yes! Basically, do the opposite. Just put the system back in its place like you do it before. Now put every bolt back in nice and snug.

By following these steps, you can have a louder exhaust only for 20 bucks. Apply the method and get a louder exhaust.

Final Verdict:- 

We tried to make it simple for you. This method really works. You can give it a try!

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