How to organize your mechanics tool box

How to Organize Your Mechanics Tool Box the Perfect Way

If your toolbox is messy, you cannot expect a good working experience. So, keeping your mechanics toolbox organized can improve your day to day work. You may need to fix your walls or any other part of your house, or you may need to use it for your project. But if you cannot find an important instrument at the right time, the job gets tough. On the other hand, if the tool chest stays organized, you will find the right tool in the exact place. But a few people know about the simple tricks to keep their toolbox organized. Today, in this content, we are going to provide you some simple but perfect tricks to keep your toolbox organized the perfect way. This content shall highlight how to organize mechanics tool box.

The mechanics toolbox is commonly known as a work box. You need to keep a toolbox to organize, carry and protect your tools. You need this tools for woodwork, fix your appliances or complete your projects. The task is up to you.

There are different types of toolbox available in the market. They depend on your tasks. Back in the old days, people used wood to construct a toolbox. But nowadays, they use plastic or metal to form a toolbox. Mechanics toolbox comes in different size and patterns. You will find dozens of models out there on the market.

What you need to do to keep your mechanics toolbox organized the right way

You cannot keep your necessary tools laying around anywhere in the house. You need to keep all your mechanic tools in a safe place where you can find them in urgent times. One thing you should always keep in mind that you also need to keep your toolbox organized. But how to keep a mechanics toolbox organized? You cannot just stack up your tools on the tool chest. You need to follow a toolbox organizing guideline. Now we are going to help you with this guideline. You need to follow the guideline step by step, and you can get a fully organized tool chest.


First step: You need to empty and clean your mechanics toolbox

First of all, you need to empty the whole toolbox. After emptying the toolbox, you should clean it. Cleaning the toolbox can keep your tools safe. Clean the dirt of the toolbox. If your toolbox is made of plastic, you can wash it with water. You should also clean your tools. By this way, the tools will stay clean and safe. When you are cleaning your tools, you should throw out the broken tools. You should not keep tools that are not important. So, the first you need to clean your toolbox and mechanic tools. After that keep your important tools and remove the broken ones.

Second step: You need to make a plan for your toolbox

After you are finished cleaning up your mechanics toolbox and tools, you need to make a plan. Wait! Wait! I don't mean a blueprint. I mean you need to make a plan to organize your tools. There are different types of tools. When we say organize, we mean the perfect sorting technique to complete your task. There are different tool drawers on your mechanics toolbox. Usually, a toolbox comes with an upper drawer, a lower drawer, and a middle drawer.

So, you should make the best out of them. But how to do so? There are 4 simple hacks. For the upper drawer, you should keep the tools that you use the most. The middle drawer should be for small tools that are used for simple fixing. You should place the tools you usually don't use on a regular basis. So, you need to make a plan for your toolbox.

Third step: Sort your tools

After you have made your plan, you need to sort your tools. Sorting is very important. Earlier in this content, we said there are a lot of tools on a toolbox. But you cannot stack up all the tools. You need to keep them in the correct order. Sorting can help you in this matter. You can sort your tools according to their functions or according to their use. You can make small stickers for your toolbox. You can sort tools by your use. You should use a compartment to place the tools you use regularly. Finding the correct order can organize your toolbox. You can use the rails of your toolbox to keep your screws or nuts. Now we are going to guide you with the sorting technique.

Sort by the tools use: 

Some tools perform the same duty. But that doesn't mean you should throw away one. They may perform the same function, but they work in different types of tasks. So, you should sort your tools according to their functions. This will help you find them easily.

Sort by the tools regular use: 

There will always be some tools which you will always need on a regular basis. You can sort them by your use. The necessary tools you need for day to day work can be sorted out, and you can keep them in a separate vault on your toolbox.

Fourth step: Level your tool and make some considerations for your toolbox

After you have sorted out all your tools and you have placed them in the right vault of your toolbox. You need to put labels on the vaults. This will help both you or any other person to place the tool in the right place. You need to put cardboard at the bottom of your mechanics toolbox. These will keep your tools out of grease. You should clean your tools after using them. For the last, you need to get a pegboard for your toolbox.


We hope that you are happy to reach a conclusion. There is no universal method for an organized mechanics toolbox. But you need to follow some simple ways to keep your toolbox organized. We talked about four simple steps ​how to Organize Mechanics Tool Box. You don't want to get annoyed while you are working, you need to keep your toolbox organized. So, when you ask how to organize mechanics toolbox? The answer is you just follow some simple steps and you too can get a fully organized mechanic's toolbox.

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