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If you have a swimming in your backyard, you must know how difficult to maintain a swimming pool. To ensure the flow of water into the pool you need a water pump. Conventional water pump can’t perform as a swimming pool pump. The swimming pool pump is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need to run your pool. It is a dedicated pump that will pump your water through the filter to circulate it and keep it clean. So why pick a pump without knowing anything? If you are a first-time pool owner without any prior experience, picking a pool pump can be a very confusing task. we discuss how to use a pool pump.With a little idea of the items to consider, you will end up in the abyss and put your trust in the local pool maintenance guy or pool shop. To create a level playing field and take the charge in your hands, you have to find out what you need and how you need it.

When you are about to pick a pump for your swimming pool, there are two important elements that play a very vital role in selecting your next pool pump. You should pick the pump that will work just fine with your system. The two important fact is the “flow rate” and “head”. The flow rate is a measurement of water that can be pumped within a certain time and it will be measured as “gallons per minutes”. The word ‘head’ refers to the amount of resistance to flow that exists in your pool plumbing system. Head is usually measured in ‘feet of resistance’ or ‘feet of head.’ The items in your water circulation system as well as the number of bends in your piping, the size of piping, and distance of the water source, these all play a role in measuring the total head.​

Pump manufacturers embedded the details related to flow rates and head that can help you to decide which pool pump you need for your swimming pool. It’s also important to keep in mind that these two calculations are not independent of each other, it means the calculations for two different matter will not complete without each other. Your desired flow rate will play a part in selecting your head. The more elements within the pool’s plumbing will offer different levels of head depending on how much water you’re trying to pass through within a certain time.

how to use pool pump

How do pool works?

A pool is a big body of water which is used to swim in. The idea of making a pool is to give a river like water body in your backyard. You can’t swim in your bathtub. So the pool is created to give you a bigger solution to your swimming problem. The pool has a simple functionality. It has a motor with a filter on it. You connect the motor with a power source and turn it on. The motor pumps the water through the filter and gives safe water to swim in.

What is pool pump?

A pool pump is a specially built water pump that is designed to pump water into the pool. This pump is unique because it has a higher gallon-per-minute than another pump.

How to use a pool pump?

Your pool pump and filter work in a system are called “closed loop”. Some water will evaporate off the surface of the pool and will need to be re-added as needed. The process is started by drawing water from both the pool and delivering it to the pump and motor. Once the water reaches the pump the water passes through an initial filter called the “strainer pot basket”. This filter will remove most debris from the water before sending it along to the pump housing. The water will then pass through the motor to your pool’s cartridge filters. These cartridge filters will remove any remaining debris and contaminants from the water. In the next step, the water is passed into your pool’s heater, where the water is heated to the desired temperature which you prefer. Once the water reaches the appropriate temperature, it’s passed onto a chlorinated where chlorine is added. And lastly, the water is returned to the pool itself.

Now you have a better idea of how your pool pump and filter work. It is time to take a look at some easy things that you can apply to make them and your pool more energy efficient:

Keep the pool drains clean and clear:- 

If you have more dirt in your drains, it is harder for your pump and filter to work to move the water through the system. Thus, the system will use more energy. Clean the drains regularly to ensure your system is running energy-efficiently.

Install a pool cover:- 

A pool cover will go a long way to save you money and energy. A recent study reveals that uncovered pools can lose up to twenty thousand gallons of water a year through evaporation. But by installing a pool cover that number can be drastically reduced. After all, this isn’t just water that’s evaporated from your pool, that’s heated water which your pool system uses energy to create.

Reduce pump time:- 

In reality, most pool pumps are actually running longer than they designed for. Your pool pump should only be running for approximately 4-5 hours a day in the summer. In can be 3 in the winter which is depending on the size of pool and pump’s horsepower. So if you think your pump is running longer than it should be, consider reducing the pump time.

Inspect and maintain pool filters:-

Your point filters will become caked with grime and debris over time. It will make them both less effective at filtering contaminants from your pool’s water and make the pump work harder. Inspect the filters periodically and change them if needed.

Final Verdict:-

In this article, we want to discuss the overall process of running and maintaining a pool pump. We make it simple for you. Keep it flowing!

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