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Mexican cuisine has a remarkable influence on American cuisine. Americans loved to eat Mexican food. The quesadilla started gaining its popularity in the late 18th century when Mexican cowboys were handling the cattle in American ranchers. Gradually, it became famous through the countryside. Most importantly as an appetizer, Mexican food is delicious among the American peoples. The quesadillas have become a viral item as an appetizer in many restaurants. Not only just those that serve Mexican food, the kids love quesadillas. As your kids love quesadilla, you wanted to find a quesadilla maker that you could use at home, and make the tasty cheese, and tortilla dish. Maybe for years, you have been using your microwave to make basic quesadillas. The process is to put some shredded cheese on a flour tortilla and heat it up in the microwave. The microwave made quesadilla taste ok, but they lack the baked edges of a real quesadilla that everyone enjoys most. Sometimes you will use the skillet to get the tortilla crispy. But it’s a hasty work to use the skillet to make a quesadilla. There is dedicated quesadilla to give you the perfect taste, and texture of a quesadilla. The real twist of a quesadilla maker is that it could give you the unique cut of a quesadilla what 6 different pieces. The quesadilla maker will not stick the dough on the surface. It is specially designed to make a quesadilla. The striped edge will seal the cheese inside the pie, and give you 6 accurate pieces at a time.

How To Use Quesadilla Maker

What is a Quesadilla? 

A quesadilla is a Spanish version of tortilla; usually, it is a corn tortilla. But sometimes it also made from a flour tortilla. In northern Mexico and U.S. A, a quesadilla is a favorite dish. It is filled with cheese and then grilled. A full quesadilla is made of two tortillas filled with cheese and stacked on each other.

How to Use Quesadilla Maker?

Modern kitchen appliance is always ready to amaze you with their excellent functionality. A quesadilla maker is one of the finest gifts of modern technology. But to get a fine quesadilla from a quesadilla maker, you should know “how to use the kitchen appliance”. Let’s know how to use a quesadilla maker!

Step:- 1

To start making a quesadilla with a quesadilla maker, you have to clean it first. You can wipe down both top, and bottom cooking plates of the Quesadilla Maker with a damp soft cloth before put it to preheat. Watch out for any dirt or residue.

Step:- 2

In this step, you prepare the maker to make a fresh quesadilla for your breakfast. Preparing means you can dip a basting brush into a small amount of vegetable oil. Open the lid of the unit by holding the handle. Now gently brush a light coat of oil onto the top, and bottom cooking plates. Your maker is ready to roll. Now plug the unit into a power source.

Step:- 4

In this point, you should concentrate on your ingredients. The main ingredients of a quesadilla are tortilla and cheese. Prepares your quesadilla with your favorite type of cheese, and any additional toppings you want to get with the quesadilla. In the meantime, the unit preheats for action. But how could you know that the unit is ready for cooking? It is simple! The green “Ready” light at the rear of the lid will turn off when the unit is ready for cooking.

Step:- 5

This is a step where you are in action with your quesadilla maker. After preparing the ingredients, just open the lid of the unit with an oven mitt or a pot holder. Now place your quesadilla on the cooking plate of the maker to grill. Remember to place the drip tray beneath the front of the unit to capture any grease. Use an oven mitt or pot holder to close the lid because it will hot. If there is a latch at the front of the unit, it need not be closed for proper cooking.

Step:- 7

Keep the quesadilla inside the maker for 3 to 5 minutes to grill. If you want a soft quesadilla, aim for a shorter grill time. On the contrary for crispier quesadillas, go for a longer grill time. After the time is passed, raise the lid with an oven mitt or pot holder. Use a plastic spatula, and remove the finished quesadilla. Don’t use a metal spatula. It will ruin your surface coating. After removing the finished dish, close the lid to preserve heat for the next quesadilla. Repeat these Steps Four or Six times for each quesadilla you wish to prepares.

Where can you buy a quesadilla maker?

You can find a perfect quesadilla maker in any brand shop in the United States. As it is a famous dish, you can find it in the brand shops so easily. Just go to your nearest brand shop, and buy a Quesadilla maker for your kitchen!

Final Verdict:- 

This article is about how to use quesadilla maker. We make it simple for you so that you can find it useful. Enjoy the traditional snack!

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