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Why Must Need A Shower Corner Shelf: Fission Review

Showering is a personal relaxing experience for a lot of people. But if the bathroom is cluttered and dirty it can ruin the mood.

We all use a lot of products in the shower like shampoo, conditioner, mask, face wash the list goes on. Generally, a bathroom is a small space.

All these products can make the bathroom look cluttered very easily when showering. So, you need a place to store all these products.

A lot of people live in rental homes where you cannot just install a few shelves. You need something that is not permanent but also does the job.

A shower corner shelf is perfect for that. But there are a lot of shelves in the market. Which one is best for you? To learn more about it keep reading this article.

​So Let’s start about the importance of Shower Corner Shelf

​What to Look For: There are some things you need to consider before buying a shower corner shelf. First of all you need to consider size. If your bathroom is small you don’t want the shelf to take over most of the space.

So plan according to your space and budget. Next, you need to think about materials. Since the shelf is going to be in the bathroom it will get wet. Make sure it’s made with waterproof material. You need to pick a warm or neutral colored shelf so that it is not an eyesore.

shower corner shelf

​White is always a safe color for a bathroom.

Make sure you buy a shelf with multiple racks so that you can store more things. It’s better if you can find a shelf with drawers. There are shelves with towel racks installed in them. So buying a shelf like this will serve multiple purposes.

You can store toilet paper and extra towels in drawers so that they don’t get wet. You can put cotton buds and cotton balls in glass jars and put them on the shelf. It will be more visually beautiful. Little things like that make a huge difference. You can also pour hand soap in a glass bottle as it will be easier to access.

When you are buying a shower rack whether to install it on to the wall or to put in the corner make sure it’s placed safely. Because a loose shelf can cause accidents. If you want to do a DIY then make sure you have got all the measurements right.

Whatever you do make sure you choose a shelf that is compatible with your taste and lifestyle. Buying a nice shower shelf and putting it in the right place will ensure your shower’s cleanliness. A shower shelf can be very useful or a complete burden depending on how you use it. So buy a shower shelf that you can use for a long time.

What to Avoid: There are a few things you need to look out for while buying a shelf. First of all,l you need to be careful of sharp edges. A lot of accidents happen because shower shelves are placed at the wrong angle. So, install a shelf with round edges or take sandpaper and smooth them yourself.

If there are any nails hanging out take a hammer to fix them. No matter what kind of shelf you buy make sure it’s water- proof otherwise it will rot over time and it will fall down. Also, do not put heavy things on the shelf. Make sure to put the shelf in a place where it can be easily cleaned.

Sometimes people place their shelf where it is difficult to reach and it just gathers dust. Install your shower shelf in a place where you can access it while showering.

Most people don’t think of shower shelf as a necessity but it can drastically change your life for good. A clean bathroom ensures more relaxing showers and if you have easier access to your products then you will have to worry about one less thing.

Now if you are still unsure about buying a shower shelf then ask your family and friends for advice. Before buying any new product research about it online. Make sure you’re buying something that will be useful to you and your family.


​Like with everything else a shower shelf has both advantages and disadvantages. Some shower corner shelf can be costly but there are also shelf in all price range. A shower shelf can be very useful for making your bathroom look clean and modern.

So, it is up to you to choose what kind of shower shelf you want. There are a lot to choose from- rustic, modern, contemporary and the list goes on. Now you have to decide based on your budget and taste. You can get one shelf that will last you a lifetime or multiple shelves throughout the years. The choice is really yours.

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