Top Screwdriver Sets [2022]

Whether you just need screwdrivers occasionally for around the home, or whether you need a full professional kit for work, having the right screwdriver can make all the difference to your work rate and quality. Check out our Top Screwdriver Sets 2022 list below before you buy:

  1. Amartisan Magnetic Screwdrivers Set with Case
  2. Klein Tools 85148 Screwdriver Set with Magnetizer
  3. HORUSDY 44-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Go-Thru Steel Blades
  4. HORUSDY 101-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set
  5. EZARC Precision Screwdriver Set 57 in 1
  6. Kerkoor 110 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

How to chose the Top Screwdriver Set for you?

The most important question is to ask yourself what you need the kit for. You can probably think of the work requirements as ‘standard’, ‘electronics’, or ‘versatile’.

Standard kits are probably what we all think of when we think about screwdrivers. We remember them from our fathers and grandfathers, in their workshops, or garage, or wherever it was that they kept their tools. These are the ones with fat handles in bright colours (normally yellow, orange, red, blue etc). They often include multiple handles, and sometimes also include more versatile interchangeable head systems, and a selection of bits to use.

Screwdriver Sets for work on electronics are smaller and more precise. The tool handles are slim and delicate, reflecting the need to get into small spaces and work with precision. These sets normally include various heads, and normally these come in the smaller sizes (think the kind of screws that are inside your phone, sockets, laptops, TVs, games consoles, drones, vacuum cleaners etc).

Versatile kits offer some flexibility, with standard larger screwdrivers and also some smaller more specialised head bits with at least one interchangeable head tool.

Other than this, some come in portable cases, some in desktop or wall-hanging mounts or stands.

Finally, the issue of magnetism is worth considering. Magnetic head screwdrivers can be very useful, saving countless minutes searching for dropped screws on the floor. On the other hand, sometimes magnetic screwdrivers are a bit of a pain, especially in precision settings with other metals around. You’ll find some of the sets we list here include a magnetizer/demagnetizer tool, allowing you to add or remove magnetism from your tools on the go. Others have permanent magnetic properties.

Read on for our list of 6 Top Screwdriver Sets 2022. Whatever you need, we’ve probably got you covered:

1. Amartisan Magnetic Screwdrivers Set with Case

This magnetic screwdrivers set from Amartisan looks professional and has a great range of features that will serve any screw-driving job. This set comes with Flat, Phillips, Pozidriv, Hex, and Torx heads, as well as easy grip handles. It also has a flexible extension tool, that allows you to screw in tricky situations where access is difficult. Finally, this all comes in a handy portable case too, so can be stored easily or moved around hassle free.

2.Klein Tools 85148 Screwdriver Set with Magnetizer

This kit is for ideal for those who like the higher-end experience. 8 precision-engineered screwdrivers plus with mixed heads (flat and Phillips). These are beautiful tools and feel high end too. Ever get annoyed when your magnetic screwdriver picks up screws when you don’t want it to? Well, this may be the kit for you, as it also includes a magnetizer/demagnetizer tool. You can use this to quickly add or remove magnetism from each screwdriver, meaning you are in control. Klein tools is an old brand that makes their tools in the USA.

3. HORUSDY 44-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Go-Thru Steel Blades

This colourful set includes 44 pieces: It has 17 magnetic screwdrivers with all the head types (Flat, Phillips, Pozidriv, Hex, and Torx). It also has 10 assorted extra screwdriver bits. Finally, it has 16 Hex Keys of various sizes. A useful feature here is that the screwdrivers are made with go through handle-to-head steel blades. This means that they can withstand hard hammer blows. All that, and they fit in a tidy work station stand.

4.HORUSDY 101-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set

If you really need a large set, this one from Horusdy is hard to beat. The set includes an impressive 101 pieces, so will have you covered for any occasion. It includes a ratchet handle, 23 screwdrivers, 8 precision screwdrivers, 60 one inch CR-V bits, 6 nut driver bits, 2 offset screwdrivers, and a magnetizer/demagnetizer tool. The stand provides the perfect place to keep all these pieces safely. If sheer numbers are important, this could be the top screwdriver set for you.

5.EZARC Precision Screwdriver Set 57 in 1

This is probably the coolest looking kit on our list, and it is certainly the one that provides the most functions while taking up the least space. It is most suitable for precision jobs, given the slimline handle on the sole screwdriver and the specialist nature of the heads available, but it is invaluable given the range of heads it provides. These include Philips, Slotted, Security Torx, Hex, Pentalobe, Torx, Triangle, Y tri-wing, Fozidriv, Square, and U-Type. This is one of the top screwdriver sets if you need a screwdriver kit for glasses repair, electronics, camera work, or smartphone maintenance. The strong magnet makes sure any tiny screws your remove won’t drop out of sight, and it all fits into an impressively compact case.

6. Kerkoor 110 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

If you are after a budget option that still provides a huge range of functionality, this is probably one of the Top Screwdriver Sets for you. Built for those wanting a versatile set for work on household electronics, toys, phones, sockets, watches etc, it comes crammed with smart tools at an amazing price. It contains 15 different head types (including smartphone pin heads, and even a PH2 head, most commonly used for fastening screens onto electronics.) The kit also includes a flexible tool, ‘screen separator tools’, and a magnetizer/demagnetizer unit. If you are working on electronics, this is the perfect budget kit for you.

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