Top 5 Best Combination Game Tables [2020-2021] – Buyer’s Guide

The human mind needs recreation to stimulate its functionality. Recreation means something to lighten the stress of a daylong work pressure. Games and sports are the ultimate solutions to get your stress out.

Outdoor games can improve your physical and mental health. But it is not always possible to be engaged in an outdoor game.

To tackle this obstacle, Combination Game Tables were invented. No matter what happened on the outside, you can always concentrate on your indoor game.

A multi-game table is a great choice for your home game room. Finding a good reliable combination game table is hard these days. To help you out we have selected top 5 list of the “best combination game tables” for both adults and kids.

Combination game table is suitable for people who want to build actual skills with actual equipment. Lets have a look at some of the best multi game tables reviews for your living space or clubhouse.

Top 5 Best Combination Game Table

01. Fat Cat Flip 3-in-1.

All of your family members don’t have the same taste in games. People like options so this game table provides them the options they want. The 3-in-1 Fat Cat Pockey 7-foot game table belongs to one of those highly sought-after combined gaming tables. It’s a complete entertainment package, designed to provide people 3 different games: hockey, billiard, and tennis.

This best combination game tables from Fat Cat ensures total enjoyment, the playing surface of the pool is smooth and durable. It is covered in durable Tetolon fabric. The Combo game table has adjustable leveling legs. The rails of this best combination game table are equipped with rubber bumpers for a realistic bounce.

The pool table accessories supplied with the table are two 57-inch two-piece cues, a set of billiard balls, a resin triangle, a brush and chalk.

Air Hockey is a step away from the pool table. This table has a full power electric motor that generates airflow of 80 cubic feet per minute to keep the sliding discs at high speed. The exclusive graphics of the flame on the surface of the hockey inspires players creating a sports environment. Air Hockey accessories include four pushers and four pucks.

The third game presented in Fat Cat Pockey 7 ft is a ping pong table. The upper part can be set anywhere. To facilitate storage, the upper part can be divided into three pieces. Table tennis accessories with table are two balls of table tennis paddle, net and post set.

  • Features at a Glance:
    • Space-saving design.
    • Sleek arcade style.
    • 7-foot size fits nicely.
  • What we like:
    • Easy to use.
    • Easy assembly.
    • Play accessories include.
  • What could be better:
    • This table could have a little height.

02. Giantex Multi-Game Table – 3 in 1 Game Tables.

This best combination game tables from Giantex is a compact solution for your combination table. It has a smart add-on system that allows you to simply put the desired game surface on the existing surface.

Giantex Multi Game Table is the perfect investment if you want to play different games on different occasions. It consists of sturdy steel rods with stylish robot players and weighs 45 pounds, which facilitates transport and movement even by children.

This best 3 in 1 Game Tables comes with a pool table and an air hockey table and each one has a quite different size that you should check before buying.

Giantess multi game tables are exceptional in terms of durability and robustness. This edition is highly recommended by us. The combos provided are perfect and the total duration is really good, even if the product is the lightest available in the market.

It comes with 3 playing modes, First one is Billiard – You can easily play the Billiard game as assembled with the billiard ball set, cue, triangle;

Second one is Soccer – You can place the soccer table on the top of the billiard frame and then play the game using the soccer ball;

Last one is Glide hockey – To play the Glide hockey game, you need to reverse the soccer table and then place on the top of the billiard frame. You can also easily play the glide hockey game using pushers and hover pucks.

  • Features at a Glance:
    • Made of MDF, Metal, and PVC.
    • Sturdy design.
    • Compact and space-saving.
  • What we like:
    • Durable materials.
    • Suitable for both kids and adults.
    • Easy to use.
  • What could be better:
    • This table should have a flip-over design.

03. Hathaway Foosball Table.

Now, you can fill your home with excitement with this stylish soccer table. This soccer table from Hathaway is inspired by soccer. It’s energetic and comfortable grips make sure fast movement.

This awesome 4 foot Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table is one of the best combination game tables for kids. It is fun, It’s bright, it’s super lightweight and easy to assemble.

If you want more colorful and “sporty” looking game table than your average wooden table, then this could be a good find. This best combo game table is loved by owners and lasts a fair bit of time.

The Hathaway Playoff game table is very well made for being so small and having few features, and delivers some pretty good game play, especially for children.

This is a pretty well-liked low-end table that is perfect for kids, while still being alright for adults to join them once in awhile. It’s easy to move around as it is lightweight, and it doesn’t take up much room to begin with. Fantastic and budget-friendly way of getting your kids into the game!

  • Features at a Glance:
    • Easy grip ergonomic handles.
    • Chrome plated steel rods.
    • 2 goalie configurations.
  • What we like:
    • Abacus-style scoring system.
    • Reinforced legs.
    • Integrated leg levelers.
    • Screen printed graphics.
  • What could be better:
    • This soccer table doesn’t have anything else in its sleeve!

04. Fat Cat 7 ft. Phoenix 3-in-1 Billiard Table.

This multi game table from Fat Cat can provide a lot of fun and entertainment for your kids. Getting bored with the same game just flip over the surface and get a new one!

Fat Cat Phoenix 7 foot is a great option if you’re just looking for the three key games. It is well made and easy enough to assemble (however, you will need help) and it measures approximately 84L x 46W x 31.25L inches when fully assembled.

This best combination game tables weight is around 240 pounds (again, look for someone to help you carry it if you decide to move). The legs of this game table have a leveler, so that you can adjust them to fit any imperfection on the floor.

Fat Cat 7 ft. Phoenix Billiard Table 3 in 1 table with reversible tops, so technically we are seeing a hybrid, although in reality it is a fixed part (billiard table with pockets and rubber bumpers), with another part that is fixed at the top (hockey table and table tennis on the back).

There is no air hockey engine for the simple reason that it is not AIR hockey: it is sliding hockey, which means that it is based on the smoothness of the MDF surface instead of the air to move the discs . In a sense, it is closer to the original game than the cushioned version. Is it the best multi-game table on our list? It’s certainly close, but for me the Fat Cat Flip 3-in-1 takes it simply. But both models will improve any game room.

  • Features at a Glance:
    • Space-saving design.
    • Sleek and compact look.
    • Accessories included.
  • What we like:
    • Billiard surface with Tetolon green felt cloth bubber bumper and drop pocket.
    • Air hockey surface with a high output blower.
    • Durable materials.
  • What could be better:
    • This table needs power connection for air hockey blower.

05. Hathaway Maveric Game Table.

Don’t be happy with one. Get three-games in one place with this stylish game table from Hathaway. A lightweight tabletop makes it easier to change the game.

If you are looking for a pool table to have fun with your family and if you want to add something like playing ping pong, despite billiards, you can look for a table that combines both. In general, we recommend getting Hathaway Maverick. This combined game table is simply fantastic, fun and marked by nature, which makes everything even more attractive.

You and your family can spend wonderful moments at this table, which gives you both a diversified option. Once you’ve finished playing pool, it essentially includes the best table tennis in no more minutes for other fun. This table is 7 feet long, making it ideal for your home, entertainment room or any room where you simply need to have fun.

This best 3 in 1 Game Tables has dark opaque overlapping sides and has a top rail with a silver cover, all finished with a red material. It has reinforced elastic pads for a phenomenal bounce and accompanies most part of the frill in need of both recreations.

This combo game table is extraordinary for family fun and fits well in most of the game rooms or covered parking spaces. It is large enough to make recreations practical and appropriate for adults, and small enough for young people to have the ability to use them well. The expansion of table tennis is a reward and is simple enough to use or remove to make it a decent favorable position.

  • Features at a Glance:
    • Quality wood construction.
    • Cross supported legs.
    • Independent leg leveler.
  • What we like:
    • Smart, sleek design.
    • Family friendly.
    • Lightweight durable table-top.
  • What could be better:
    • This table should have storage ledge for billiard balls.

How Do We Pick Best Multi Game Table.

Design:- The design of the game table is an important fact. While we tried to pick some best game table for this review, we have to go through a lot of collection with different functionality. We picked the game table with a versatile and durable design. Storage:- Game table is a gaming furniture. It has some accessories which are used to play the game that it has. The game table should have a handful storage to store the accessories. It is important because you don’t want to lose your air hockey pusher. We picked the game table with convenient storage.

How Do Test The Best 3 in 1 Game Tables?

Quick change:- The best combination game tables that we’re reviewing here is a package of more than one game. When you get bored with the same game, you want something different. So you just change the surface to change the game. We test the changing process of the hockey table we’ve reviewed.

How combination game tables work

If you are an introvert having issues playing outside with your friends because you have no friends at all, then a combination game table is the best friend you need.

If you are a passionate Foosball player, a determined air hockey player or a lover of ping pong all at the same time but do not have the space to place all these game tables in a room, then a combination game table is your solution.

These game tables simply rotate the surface of the table around a certain axis allowing the player to switch to the game he/she wants to play. Retailers like Sears and Sports Authority are some examples of well-known stores who are involved in the sales of such tables.

And those who enjoy walking around a pool table assessing angles and sighting down a pool cue to connect with the ball. It also makes an opportunity for the people who would like to face a human opponent across the table and pitting their skills against a human rather than a computer program.

Companies can offer a variety of size and shape when we talk about combination game table. The size can go anywhere from 2 to 15 different games. Most of the favorite models have a console that flips over to change a billiard table to air hockey table. Most tables with 6-7 foot size have a tendency to stick with this combination.

But some other combination game tables have a tennis topper to add some extra convenient. Some table toppers have printed board for games such as Texas holds ‘em, bowling or baseball, on the flip side. Pool tables are a variety of combination game table.

The mini-pool table is used to be 4-5 feet in length and there is a variation in width. Tables with this size are popular among the young people. With a wide range of games, these tables gained popularity in the young users.

These tables most of the pocket-type games. Most the mini-pool tables have a rotating cabinet that changes from pool to hockey. These tables have a wide range of size and shape.

multi game table 2020

Combination game tables for adults

Combination game tables are available in various sizes and shapes. Tables having a height of 6-7 feet can provide a switch between air hockey and billiards.

Some tables of this height range offer table tennis toppers which may also consist of prints for games like baseball, Texas Hold’em etc. For adults, there is also a bumper pool that can be converted to a dining table and poker table.

There are also 3-in-1 tables manufactured by Sterling Games in which games like checkers, chess and backgammon are available. There is a lift-off top which consists of a checkers/chess board on one surface and the backgammon board on the other side.

Types of combination game tables

A goo news for people obsessed with playing indoor games is that there are a wide variety of combination game tables for them to choose from. A reminder for the buyers is that these tables come in various sizes.

So if your games room is small but you chose to buy a large table then you are definitely going to have issues equipping your cue to shoot the balls while playing billiard because your room may not give you the space to take a wide view at your table from a distance. Now, there are three types of combination game table that you can purchase :

1. Conversion top combination game table

Consists of a fold-out game surface fitted to the game table you are currently playing on, allowing you to convert it to your desired game in the blink of an eye.

2. Flip, swivel or rotating combination game table

This is the most popular game table purchased by indoor gamers. Being highly cost-effective, this kind of table gives you the opportunity to play up to ten games all of which are attached to the game table at different levels. By rotating your table over a certain axis, you will be able to play each game accordingly.

3.Hybrid game combination game table

This table, as the name suggests, is a mix between the two tables mentioned above. These types of tables are not that much popular among people and thus will be not be recommended for purchase. The only advantage is that this type of table is the cheapest out of all the other types of combination game tables.